Things I am Thankful for Living In Denmark

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Denmark. There is no time off work. The kids get no break from school. We will not be traveling anywhere. Unless you count my husband’s day trip across Denmark to a meeting in Aarhus, delivering him back home late. My eldest son was busy delivering pizzas. The youngest had studies for a spelling test today. It was a regular day here in Denmark. It was Thursday. Torsdag to the Danes.

But that is ok. Full turkeys are hard to come by. If you do find one, it may cost you a pretty penny. Or plenty of kroner. Probably both. And good luck finding a Russet or a Yukon gold. There is some crazy nut tax that makes pecan use prohibitive or down right luxurious depending on your position and wallet. Canned pumpkin is equally overpriced and only found at the “American/British” aisle in certain grocers popular with expatriates. Maybe you have an inside source at the American Embassy. Or maybe you thought ahead and smuggled back a few cans of Libby’s and the requisite evaporated milk.

Most everything else you can find for your traditional recipes that you may or may not have printed, preserved and packed over the border with you when you passed. But, I didn’t make them yesterday. It’s ok. We’ll do it tomorrow. When we have time and can tune in some American college football via the old rabbit ears of streaming internet with VPN hiders. Yep. We may even head to the nearby park and toss the pigskin around. The football. Not the futbol. The football. It’s brown. And has laces. At least ours does. At Thanksgiving.

And while it may not be traditional or specifically timely, thankful we are. Grateful that we can. We miss family and friends celebrating afar, especially on days like Thanksgiving. But we are grateful that we have had this opportunity to explore this life across borders. Over here in Denmark. These are some of the things that I’m thankful for. Things that make this our Danish life.


Colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.

Cruising along the Lakes.

Being surrounded by sea.

Simple pleasures. Sunshine. After cool dip in the Baltic Sea. Coffee. Skin tingling. Happy. Alive. Wanna join me?

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Effective public transportation.

#Halloween is growing in popularity in #Denmark – even the trains are in costume! Cheers fra #Copenhagen!

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Fall colors in the forest.

Beautiful bike ride through Charlottenlund Slotspark with leaves literally falling in your face. Happy November from Denmark! ?????

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Original Coffee and a morgen komplet.

Cycling to coffee on the lakes in Copenhagen. I like it. A lot. And alliteration. I like that too. But first. Kaffe.

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Juletræer outings.

#FindingChristmas in #Denmark – new post #ontheblog – link in bio! Come say hej! Lots more julemarked pics over there! Cheers from DK – xoxo,Erin

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Julemarked and gløgg and warm æbleskivers.

Christmas lights criss-crossing the streets.

Singing in an International choir.

Sharing the light of the #Christingle – it’s Jultime y’all!

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Fireworks at New Years.

Tivoli fireworks always good! God Jul og Godt Nytår!

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Copenhagen under a blanket of snow.

A little “Viking biking” around Copenhagen today in the snow. The city’s grey winter inspiring under a coat of white.

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Smørrebrød and herrings with snaps to skål.

Fresh food from Torvehallerne.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

This gorgeous luminous moving artwork is by Vietnamese-American artist Tiffany Chung and titled: finding one’s shadow in ruins and rubble (2014) Small images of bombed out buildings sit encased in beautiful wooden boxes placed like building blocks and illuminated from behind. It is beautiful and haunting at the same time. I truly enjoyed the conversation about it with the group of students from my daughter’s class this week while visiting Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. There is something about embracing the scars – on the landscape and in our own lives. They become part of the map. The map that makes you you. And make a place, a place. What do you think? Come tell me – more on the blog. It’s a funny one – I promise, not quite so all dark and moody as this. Come say hej – link in bio. And if you read all of this – tak! Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

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Danish design and meeting the makers.

Rugbrød og smør.

Cycling to school.

Royal Guard parades.

Sledding at the Statens Museum.

Crocus carpets at the Kongens Have.

Velkommen forår! Welcome spring. Seriously you are welcome to stick around. Tak. Thanks. You’re welcome.

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Finding fun on the island of Fyn.

The Color Run in Valby Park.

So fun in the sun at the Zulu Color Run København! TRE!! TO!! EN!! NU!!!! Cheers from Copenhagen – have a colorful day! – Erin

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Basking with friends at Bellevue Beach.

Seriously this day though! Tusind tak Danmark! #ontheblog

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Skyr with muesli.

Sharing good food and much laughter at cooking club.

The smell of fresh hyldeblomst.

Royal Copenhagen and rhubarb crumble.

Rabarber = rhubarb in Danish. And it is plentiful in plots all over Denmark right now. Where you are too? Do you love it? Hate it? You can’t really be meh about rhubarb. It demands an opinion. I like that. Is it a fruit? Or a vegetable? Is it red or green? Don’t matter. Rhubarb is what it is. And it doesn’t care if you love it or leave it. It’s rhubarb. Tangy and saucy, I find it hard to beat. Especially when tempered with the sweetest ripest Dansk jordbær and baked in a crumble crispy and golden. Melty ice cream on top. Summer awesomesauce. Seriously. You must make this. Recipe coming up on the blog. Come say hej! I don’t bite. The rhubarb might. Cheers from Copenhagen! – Erin

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Afternoons at Ofelia Plads with cold rosé and dips off the dock.

Day trips to darling Dragør.

Summer house weekends.

Summer house vibes – so lovely and relaxed even if the weather didn’t cooperate. Little cottages in little villages by the sea.

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Views of the towers from atop the Rundtårn.

Reason #167 that the Danes are the happiest people – they are afforded views such as this – in a an array of FruitStripe gum colors.

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Papirøen for Copenhagen Street Food.

They have FOOD CARTS! #firstimpressionsofcph #copenhagen #copenhagenstreetfood #købnhavn #oregongirlmovestodenmark

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Illums rooftop respites.

Swans in the Sea.

Magic today on the Copenhagen harbor.

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Nyhavn Canal charm.

Iconic Copenhagen on a bluebird day.

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Biking in the breeze over bridges.

Danish Is and Østerberg’s flavors.

Bonfires on beaches for Sankt Hans and Guy Fawkes.

Tivoli Gardens in every season.

Tivoli’s open!! And the sky looks like this! Yay spring! Har en rigtige go’weekend! Have a great weekend – cheers from Copenhagen!

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Boating in the canals.

Swimming in the sea.

Swimming in the Baltic in summer – so lovely.

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Brilliant Street Art.

Jump for joy – summer is spreading it’s wings!

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Cheers from Copenhagen – I am thankful for you! xo, Erin

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17 thoughts on “Things I am Thankful for Living In Denmark

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Thank you kindly Tanja! We do feel very grateful for having this opportunity to experience life here in Denmark! Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

  1. Clare Thomson

    I really love this post, Erin. So many wonderful things to enjoy about your life in Copenhagen and it really showcases your brilliant Instagram account. Thanks for brightening up my day 🙂

  2. oregongirlaroundtheworld

    Thank you kindly! I swear I saw rugbrød at Gail’s Artisan Bakery on my last London trip – maybe there is one near you? Let me know! Cheers, Erin

  3. There’s so much to be thankful for even if you aren’t home with family for Thanksgiving. It’s important to remember to be thankful even when homesickness strikes. #wanderfulwednesday

  4. Doesn’t it feel a little strange when you’re used to celebrating or observing a certain holiday at home, that isn’t recognised in your new country? I’m kind of at a loss on ANZAC Day here. We have the Veteran’s Parade through the city and services to remember the fallen. But of course America doesn’t have that. At least not in April. I’m glad that you’re celebrating Thanksgiving a day late anyway! #WanderfulWednesday

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  7. Margaret J Wright-percy

    Seems like Denmark is a beautiful honey place to be….would love to visit and see what’s it’s like, I’m sure it’s like another world place and time…beautiful comments…maggie Wright Winter Park Fl

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