Faraway Files #9


It’s official. I’m wanderlusting hard core. Where to next? What’s on the list? It’s a nightly discussion over here in our house. You too? If you haven’t been to Copenhagen in winter, it might be a perfect destination to discover at this time of year. Seriously – come for Christmas. Experience the Jul. Or even just this winter. Denmark does hygge. You’ve heard of it right? It’s delightful. And delicious and all sorts of cozy. We’ll do that. Don’t worry. But we might do something else too. Maybe, a wee excursion. (Hands rubbing in gleeful delight.)

So where are we going for winterferie mom? Winter break. Still pending. I’m still working on it. Trying my best to work out the best deal and still accommodate everyone’s wishes is a delicate balancing act around here. Especially when you have more than one potentially moody, but engaged and energetic (read opinionated) member of your family at the table. I love it. They have wandering wish lists as well. I created this challenge. I encouraged their world view. Where to next? Where would you?

Maybe one of the amazing places from last week’s Faraway Files travel blog linkup. We were taken trekking and hiking and diving on wrecks. Looked for wombats and orangutans and found octopus lollies. Say what? Eeuw? It’s true. We traveled from England to Fiji to Canada and Jordan. In the travel blog collection. Last week’s Faraway Files.


These are my favorites from last week. If you missed them all – no worries – read here. Plenty of inspiration for far flung experiences to be uncovered.

Feet do Travel showed us beautiful and wild Borneo, with monkeys and vipers and spiders and apes. But I loved the beautiful scuba diving and finding Nemo on the reef.

8 Amazing Adventures in Borneo by Feet do Travel

Ali of What Ali Sees  reminded us of the joy in taking a simple but gorgeous nature walk at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I so wanted a wombat to come out of this hole too! Maybe my favorite pic of the week!

Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania by What Ali Sees

Mummy Travels took us to Lake Inle in Burma and helps with what inspires littles and parents alike. It all looks lovely to me.

Five Things to do at Lake Inle, Burma with Kids by Mummy Travels
Five Things to do at Lake Inle, Burma with Kids by Mummy Travels

And I never knew how much I want to go to Kyoto, Japan until Hilary Style Me shared this post. Sushi and sakura and shinto shrines, I’m sold.

Japan! Three days in Kyoto! by Hilary Style Me

So where to this week. Where should we add to our list? Our wonderful wanderlusting wish list. Or just tell me where to go for winterferie. Seriously I need help – I’m still open!



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We’d love you to join us in building a supportive community who will inspire and share each other’s posts. All three hosts will try to read and comment on every post and we’ll share them on social media too. Each week we’ll choose our favourites and highlight them on our blogs and social media channels using #FarawayFiles.

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Things I am Thankful for Living In Denmark

Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Denmark. There is no time off work. The kids get no break from school. We will not be traveling anywhere. Unless you count my husband’s day trip across Denmark to a meeting in Aarhus, delivering him back home late. My eldest son was busy delivering pizzas. The youngest had studies for a spelling test today. It was a regular day here in Denmark. It was Thursday. Torsdag to the Danes.

But that is ok. Full turkeys are hard to come by. If you do find one, it may cost you a pretty penny. Or plenty of kroner. Probably both. And good luck finding a Russet or a Yukon gold. There is some crazy nut tax that makes pecan use prohibitive or down right luxurious depending on your position and wallet. Canned pumpkin is equally overpriced and only found at the “American/British” aisle in certain grocers popular with expatriates. Maybe you have an inside source at the American Embassy. Or maybe you thought ahead and smuggled back a few cans of Libby’s and the requisite evaporated milk.

Most everything else you can find for your traditional recipes that you may or may not have printed, preserved and packed over the border with you when you passed. But, I didn’t make them yesterday. It’s ok. We’ll do it tomorrow. When we have time and can tune in some American college football via the old rabbit ears of streaming internet with VPN hiders. Yep. We may even head to the nearby park and toss the pigskin around. The football. Not the futbol. The football. It’s brown. And has laces. At least ours does. At Thanksgiving.

And while it may not be traditional or specifically timely, thankful we are. Grateful that we can. We miss family and friends celebrating afar, especially on days like Thanksgiving. But we are grateful that we have had this opportunity to explore this life across borders. Over here in Denmark. These are some of the things that I’m thankful for. Things that make this our Danish life.


Colorful buildings and cobblestone streets.

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Faraway Files #8


It was my birthday this weekend! In Denmark you say,

“Tillykke med fødselsdagen!”
– Danish Birthday Congratulations

Congratulations with your birthday! It was lovely. There was singing and kage (cake) of course! And I am grateful for the love from old friends and new. From family here and abroad. For cards and notes and simple pleasures.

And while maybe not a birthday present per se, I am grateful for this growing and engaged collection of bloggers from all corners of the globe today. Last week, we had a broad, diverse and beautiful selection of stories, activities and experiences from far-flung corners of the world. This is a gift to me.


Here are my favorite gifts from last week, in no particular order. Bumble Bee Mum showed us that all that is fall in Tokyo is not maple. The gorgeous golden Gingko trees that line the boulevards are celebrated as well. They even get their own festival with food and fun.

Gingko Festival | Toyko by Bumble Bee Mum
Gingko Festival | Toyko ny Bumble Bee Mum Net

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