Five Easy Day Trips Just Outside of Copenhagen

Take Some Time to Explore More of Denmark

You don’t have to go far beyond the Danish capital to see what else this country has on offer. See a different side of what Denmark has to offer on one of these five easy day trips outside Copenhagen. There is something here for all interests and inclinations. Just take your pick. Continue reading “Five Easy Day Trips Just Outside of Copenhagen”

Spend a Weekend Away in the West Sweden Archipelago on Tiny Åstol Island

Explore the beautiful Bohuslän region north of Gothenburg
Come to Sweden, she said.

With over 200,000 islands in between her borders, Scandinavian sister Sweden boasts the most islands offshore of any country around the world. Exploring archipelagos is an essential part of the experience here in Sweden if you ask me. Even the Swedish capital Stockholm straddles a series of islands that are best experienced by boat. But if you want to see Sweden off the beaten path, beeline to Bohuslän. This is Western Sweden. And it is beautiful. Continue reading “Spend a Weekend Away in the West Sweden Archipelago on Tiny Åstol Island”

Organic vegetable plantings at ØsterGro urban farm Copenhagen Denmark

Organic Farm to Table Fare on a Rooftop in Copenhagen

Gro Spiseri Restaurant Delivers Delicious and Creative Local Cuisine
Urban farm Østergro is a gorgeous setting for dinner in Copenhagen

It is summer in the city. And what a beautiful city this is. Come to Copenhagen, she said. But step off the main tourist routes. Slow down. And explore the sustainable side. Like a local. Not too far afield, you’ll find a climate-friendly neighborhood known as Østerbro. Atop a roof here, sits an organic urban farm supported by the local community. Don’t worry, they are willing to share. With you. This is ØsterGRO organic urban farm and all are welcome. For a truly delicious experience, book a place for dinner in the greenhouse of this gorgeous garden. On a blue-skied summer night in Denmark, it is truly difficult to beat. Continue reading “Organic Farm to Table Fare on a Rooftop in Copenhagen”

Day out in Denmark | Take a Tour Inside the Private Residence and Gardens of the Danish Royal Family | Fredensborg Palace Castle Slot | Via Oregon Girl Around the World

Day Out in Denmark | Tour the Danish Royal Residence at Fredensborg Palace

You Can See Inside Where the Danish Royalty Reside For One Month Each Summer
Take a guided tour of the Peace Palace north of Copenhagen

As an American, I will admit that I still find the idea of a real Royal Family reigning over a country or commonwealth difficult to understand. But living in Denmark, I have come to accept the fairy-tale charm of this little country full of castles, home to Princes and Princesses. And I have happily attended more than one procession to get a chance to wave at the Danish Queen. Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist. But what if you could see inside the rooms where they live? Last summer, we took a guided tour of one the Royal residences. Read on and see why you might want to too. Continue reading “Day Out in Denmark | Tour the Danish Royal Residence at Fredensborg Palace”

How One Little Word Can Mean So Much When You Live Around the World

Sometimes it’s the simplest of interactions that make the most impact


Walking away from our middle son’s most recent football match, we were passed by some of his teammates heading home from the game by bicycle. Because it’s Denmark. It’s how you do. As they rode past, each called out, “Ses Q!” See you. A small head nod or raise of the hand with his reply, “Ses.”

See you. It’s such a simple phrase. Ses. Spoken between boys. But the sentiment behind it? So very powerful. Especially for an expatriate. Or an immigrant. Or a migrant. Whatever you want to call me. It’s powerful. For me. For him. For us. Choosing a life lived across borders. Calling Denmark home. Continue reading “How One Little Word Can Mean So Much When You Live Around the World”