Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this American Mutt

I am going to go full American on you for a minute. Or two. Bear with me. But it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. And with 32.3 million¹ self-proclaimed Irish-Americans, myself included, it’s our day to do so. That’s 1 in 10 Americans people. But wait. Isn’t St. Patrick’s Day Irish? Like from IRELAND. Yes. Yes. It is. Did you see what I did there? Claimed it for my own? Pretty American eh? Hang on. Don’t be offended yet. Let me explain.

Saint Patrick’s Day is kind of a pretty big deal in the United States and my given name is Erin Kathleen. Kind of Irish. My brother is Michael Shannon and my other brother is Colin Patrick. We had an Irish Setter named “Paddy” growing up. And as cliche, groan-worthy or just downright confusing as it may sound to actual Irish people, every year on March 17th my mom made corned beef and cabbage, soda bread and a side of green jello salad. I now know how Irish-American that meal is. Especially the lime jello. There was nothing grown from the earth in that “salad,” just saying. My own children made leprechaun traps at school and my sister in law puts green food coloring in the toilet as “evidence” of their sneaky appearance overnight. Think of it like the “Elf on the Shelf” of March. Thanks Pinterest. March 17th is a big day. To us Irish-Americans. “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this American Mutt”

Faraway Files #68

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Hello travel peeps! I’m just back from 48 hours in Dublin and am feeling a little luck of the Irish from soaking up the city as they set up for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. What a fun and friendly town, already full of festive energy. I poked into my past and tried to find a bit about family ancestors in National Library. I sat in Saint Stephan’s Green, a gorgeous park in the center of town and took in as much of the spring sunshine as I could. I raised a pint and tasted good food and toasted the time. It was a quick trip, but definitely a delight. Erin Go Bragh! Put on a little green for good luck this March 17th. Continue reading “Faraway Files #68”

Faraway Files #66

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While the calendar may say March today, it is most definitely still winter up here in Copenhagen. And with rare snow falling this week in places like Rome and Nice, it seems it is so there as well. The “Beast from the East” is bearing down all over Europe. Gah. Brrrrr. Here in Denmark, we say it’s “pissekoldt.” That’s really cold. And while you may be thinking of warm tropical escapes or just moving to Australia, why not embrace what winter has to offer? Continue reading “Faraway Files #66”

Responsible Husky Dog Sledding outside Riga Latvia

Wonderful Winter Fun With Rescued Huskies


Latvia is a wonderful place for a winter break. But what is there to do near the Baltic when the weather isn’t warm? How about husky dog sledding in a snowy white forest near Riga? Just outside the country’s cool capital, you can meet some of these beautiful and eager dogs for a perfect winter day out.

If you are like me, making sure that your travel experiences are sustainable, respectful and responsible is extremely important. So when my family found out that dog sledding was an option on our recent winter break to Latvia, I needed to make sure that it was an ethically sound outing. But how can you tell? What does that mean? Must love dogs for a start. And these Latvians do. So will you. Continue reading “Responsible Husky Dog Sledding outside Riga Latvia”