Why everyone should visit San Juan Island, Washington State

Heart Song of San Juan Island, Washington

When speaking of spaces that stick with us, there is always an indescribable something special that makes our hearts sing. LAAAAAA. One of those places for me is the San Juan Islands in Washington State. An archipelago of islands sitting about as far west as you can get. But archipelago, while a beautiful word and super fun to say, doesn't do this string of beautiful green treed bastions justice. There is something magical about this place. Wait, wait you say. Still don't know where I'm talking about it? Can't place it? I hate when people talk about somewhere like everyone knows it. Ok. Let me help. Hand gestures over the interwebs can be tricky. Come with me. Picture the map of the United States - now look at the upper left corner in your brain, no need to Google it. Keep going. Over there. Up there. Yes. Do you feel me pointing? It's almost Canada eh? Here. These are the San Juan Islands. I want to take you there. In fact I would take everyone there. If I could. Let me try. This is my heartsong of the San Juan Islands.

Questions not to ask an expat but you will anyway


Did you move around the world? This list is for you. This list is also for those who know someone who moved around the world. You may not know these questions, but we do. We hear them ALL THE TIME. Ok, ok. Maybe a little dramatic. But not really an exaggeration. These are truly the most … Continue reading WHAT NOT TO ASK AN EXPAT

Berlin Light Weeks Leuchtet

Colorful Berlin : Take Your Family to see the Lights for Berlin Leuchtet

Modern Berlin which luckily includes both east and west offers a kaleidoscope of options for every traveler. And should you have the chance to make it to big beautiful Berlin this fall, you should NOT miss Berlin-Leuchtet. Berlin shines with illuminations for two weeks starting September 30th - October 16th, 2016. Why you should take your family to see the lights in Berlin this fall.