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We recently rolled on the express train from Copenhagen to Sweden’s capital Stockholm for a three-generation girl’s weekend. Of the three Scandinavian siblings, Sweden might be the sweetest. Lilting language aside, Sweden gives of her lands freely and a beautiful land it is. It is every man’s right to roam here. She’s given it to you. And roam you should. Taste the berries and smell the flowers. Sweden fashions rings of them to put in her long hair and sing songs around the maypole come midsummer. And while Stockholm hadn’t quite put on all of her spring when we visited, it was still fantastisk. That’s Swedish for fantastic. And it felt different. From Denmark. For me.

Where have you been lately? On an epic excursion around the world? Exploring your own backyard? We’d love to know. Faraway Files travel blog community link up is looking for your latest travel post. We all need a few more places to add to our travel to-do lists. Don’t me? Although, mine is getting quite long! Yours too? I’m sharing more of the Swedish capital’s charms today. You should definitely put Stockholm on your list.

Stunning Stockholm Sweden | Tall Ship in front of Historic Gamla Stan on the Waterfront

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Spend Three Days in Stunning Stockholm Sweden

What See, Do and Taste in the Swedish Capital

Sweet, sweet Scandi sister Sweden sits squarely east across the clear Baltic Sea from Denmark. Climb aboard the SJ train from Copenhagen Central Station as we speed to the Swedish capital Stockholm for a long weekend city break. This town royally rocks. Home of Sweden’s Royal Family, Stockholm sits like a crown jewel at the center of an archipelago of islands that string almost all the way to Finland. And while spending time island hopping between those little pretty plops of land is a dreamy summer wish trip for me, this weekend we focused on the city. Which is all kinds of cool. Come with me. You’ll see.

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Copenhagen Serves The Most Beautiful Sandwiches in the World

When in Denmark You Must Sample the Smørrebrød


Come to Copenhagen she said. And try the sandwiches. Sandwiches? Yes. Sandwiches. I will venture that the Danes make some of the most beautiful (and tasty) sandwiches in the world. Gauntlet thrown. Mic dropped. Are you ready for this? These Danish sandwiches come without tops. Kind of like some bathers at the beaches in Denmark. And while public nudity is not scandalous around Copenhagen, neither is the smørrebrød. It is truly delicious. And there is one to taste for all palates and preferences. Smørrebrød can even be vegan. Time to take your top off. Your sandwich, that is. Put this open-faced sandwich on your plate pronto.

How to pronounce smørrebrød in Danish:

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Where to Find the Flowers, Spring in Copenhagen | Oregon Girl Around the World

Spring in Copenhagen | Where to Find the Flowers

Spring is Springing in the Danish Capital

Daffodils, tulips and cherry blossoms are Blooming again

Get your cameras ready. Spring in Copenhagen is truly beautiful. Especially on a sunny bluebird day like today. And if you live here, you’ve earned it. While winter may be dark and full of hygge, spring in Denmark is worth the wait. And it is definitely springing. Right now. Get outside and soak up some sun and see the blossoms and buds bursting open all over town. And while we get ready for the pretty in pink popularity of the coming pop of cherry trees, the daffodils, tulips and hyacinth are here and happy to help with your fix of flowerful color.

Here are my favorites places to while away the hours smelling all the flowers when here in Copenhagen.

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