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Three hours before high tide. We’ve checked the boat. It still starts. That’s key. We load it up with rings, pots and boxes. We’re going crabbing. On the Oregon Coast. Yes – you heard me. OREGON. Oregon Girl and crew are back around the world for a month visiting family and friends. In Oregon. It’s a little surreal. In the best way. Don’t worry Denmark, we’ll be back. But for now, we’re soaking up, tasting, seeing, hugging all those things and people that we missed. It’s good.

Have you been crabbing? I have done this in Oregon as long as I can remember living here. Maine may have lobstahs, but here on the Pacific Northwest Coast, we hunt Dungeness Crab. Growing up in Eugene – a university town that sits mid-state off Interstate 5 in western Oregon – we frequent the central Oregon coast between the little towns of Florence and Newport. And we’re more than lucky that my mom loves sharing her coast house. We spend most of our time in charming and quirky, but oh so cozy Yachats. (Don’t call it Yeah-chats. It’s YAH-hots. It’s a Native American thing. Siletz tribe to be exact. It translates loosely to “dark water at the foot of the mountain.” Speaking my language.)

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30 minutes from Copenhagen is the darling village of Dragør

Darling Dragør Denmark

Do a day trip from Copenhagen

Need to escape the hustle? Put aside the bustle. Do yourself a favor and get out of the city for a day. Make it a day date. Or an overnight. Enjoy an authentic Danish village less than a 30 minute drive from the capital Copenhagen. Do you know darling little Dragør? Every time we visit, I can’t believe how close we are to the city. It feels a world away. And while I love it in summer when the warm, shallow water of the sound beckons a swim, Dragør holds its appeal throughout the year.

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Meet the Locals - Cathrine Østerberg Ice Cream

Meet the Locals #2: Cathrine Østerberg

Ice Cream Scientist and Flavor Artist

One of the things that I love about living in the city is that there is so much available right out your doorstep. Copenhagen affords a social support system that allows small niche ideas and businesses a possibility to survive and in fact, thrive. Now ICE CREAM may not be a niche market per se – but Copenhagen local, Cathrine Østerberg, has scooped one out within this very popular and tasty market.

Meet the Locals: Cathrine Østerberg - Østerberg Ice Cream, Copenhagen
Beautiful ice cream ready for customers

Danes like ice cream. They make damn fine ice cream. It’s true. And there are many purveyors to choose from. But Østerberg Ice Cream on Rosenvængets Allé is unique. As Cathrine explains,

“it is Danish exotic ice cream.”
– Cathrine Østerberg, creator and owner Østerberg Ice Cream

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Norway by Rail

Norway by Rail

Summer break is almost here and maybe Norway is on your list. If you haven’t taken the overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo – that is a trip in and of itself. But Norway really shines outside the capital. Ride along as I revisit our train trip from Oslo to fjord country… this is Norway by rail.

Wending along in the eighth of ten cars, feeling the pull and sway along the tracks. Remarkably insulated from the bracing sound of metal wheels upon steel rails. Infrequent is the clickety clacking one most associates with this mode of travel. I love riding the train.

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Jeg er ok. I am ok.

Do you ever have those moments that put you in your place? Pull you from revery. Fully entrench you in your present. Like right here. Right now. Feel this, kind of present. There is really nothing like falling flat on your face to do that to be honest. Literally. Falling. On. Your. Face.

Me. I did that. Recently.

And no. I wasn’t day drinking on the canals in the sunshine like I may have recommended that you do. Like Danes may do in the summer. This was a weekday people. Before noon. And I wasn’t at a Danish birthday brunch. Today anyway.

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Meet the Locals #1 : Mai-Britt Amsler

Copenhagen Graphic Designer and Illustrator

One of the very super cool things that you need to embrace when you move yourself around the world is opening up to all the interesting people that you may have the opportunity to meet. They make a place what it is. Connect you to it. Share your stories, listen to theirs. Learn. Explore.

Me? I’m a people person. But you may have figured that out. I love swapping stories. Learning new perspectives. Figuring out how your from impacts your here and now. In my new blog series – meet the locals – I wanted to give you personal stories about real people. Connect you to my here. Today I am so happy to introduce you to one of them. Her name is Mai-Britt Amsler and she is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Reviewed – Copenhagen Post Mobile App

When you move to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language, getting access to the local news can feel more than frustrating. It can leave you feeling clueless and isolated. What you took for granted, now is cause for great consternation and confusion. I do love the auto translate feature on my Google Chrome browser, but it can only go so far and mostly butchers the quirky Danish to English translations. And while I try to read some articles in Danish, most of the time I just need to understand what is going on. Stat. Know what I mean?

Thankfully in Copenhagen, there is an English language news source for expats and international readers. The Copenhagen Post is written in English, by English speakers and is available in a small weekly print edition as well as online. And now – it is available as a mobile application. The app is free and available to locals and visitors alike. It offers all of the Post’s online digital content at your fingertips and breaks out stories for current events, food/drink, local culture, history and general life in Denmark.

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Summertime in Copenhagen – 10 must do’s

Summer in Copenhagen. It’s amazing here. And we earned it. It was dark, dank and cold in December. But now, the Danish summer days are long. Full of that Nordic light we all so craved over winter. At midsummer’s peak, celebrated on the 23rd of June with the annual Sankt Hans aften festivities, the sun shines 17.5 hours in Copenhagen. The swing feels radical in contrast to the average 7 hours of daylight back in December. But it’s sommer now in Denmark. And there is so much to love about summer in Copenhagen.

The trees lining many streets are once more lush and verdant. Flowers bloom everywhere. At the end of May, the air is lavish with lilacs and vining roses. Roses that drape around doorways of those charming, colorful old houses all over town. The sun glints off the water and everywhere people are out soaking it up. Faces to the sun. When it’s out. And lately, it has been out in great quantities. A reminder when planning a summer holiday to Copenhagen, don’t expect perfect weather. There are few places better when it’s blue, blue skies overhead. But, be prepared for some good days and some potential grey days. Remember to bring layers. Even if you turn up during a few of the more lacking days weather wise, you can absolutely still enjoy this beautiful city and have a great time exploring. So, without further ado, here are my favorite things to do in Copenhagen in the summer.

My Top 10 Danish Summer Experiences in Copenhagen – in no particular order:

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Rhubarb is Rabarber in Danish

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I may not be fluent in Danish. Actually enrolling in classes would probably be a good way to get cracking on that. But I have picked up some Dansk words and phrases and I definitely know how to eat in Danish. Not eat a “danish.” Eat Danish. Spoiler alert – that breakfast pastry that you may know as a “danish,” is called Viennese bread here, because it actually originated in Austria, brought here by immigrant bakers a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong Danes make darn good wienerbrød. Rigtigt godt brød in general. Really good bread. Because man can not live on bread alone, I am grateful for the culture that promotes sustainable seasonal produce, grown in Denmark. In fact, much of Denmark outside the main cities is covered with agriculture. Right now with warm summer temps across Denmark – there are plots full of delicious Danish early summer fruits and vegetables. Strawberries. Jordbær. Peas. Ærter. Asparagus. Asparges. And rabarber.

Rabarber = rhubarb in Danish. It is fun to say. One of the few words I can say correctly. Almost. To my Danish friends, if you make me say it, pretend you understand and give me this one. Just this one. Rabarber. You can correct me on all the others. Rabarber is plentiful right now. Where you are too? I know rhubarb isn’t uniquely Danish. (If you are interested in what is, check out this post – 5 Most Uniquely Danish Foods)

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Travel tween family Paris France Eiffel Tower

Take your Tween to Paris

Connecting with your daughter in the City of Lights. I can confide. It was magical. Just she and I. Mom and dot.

“Wait. Back up. Travel with your tween? GAH! Are you crazy?” I hear you. I feel you. And maybe I am. Seriously. Maybe. But not about this. I am here to tell you – there is no better time than tweendom to travel with your child. Read more of my reasons why you should too in my last post.

And IF it is in the realm of your possibility to take said tween to Paris – you absolutely should. Everyone should experience Paris. Once. Or Twice. Or three times a lady. Seriously. I love this lady. Oh – and my daughter too! I love her too. But j’adore Paris. C’est vrai. It’s true. Having been to Paris more than once, I had specific things that I wanted to share on her inaugural visit. We had only two nights and three days to explore. And I do believe that is enough time for a showcase of the wonderful city. Especially for your first visite. A brief but brilliant tenth birthday visit. That was us. Go when it works for you.

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