So Many Reasons to Love Tivoli Gardens in Every Season

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park | Copenhagen Denmark


Tivoli! Tivoli! Tivoli! What do you think of when you hear the word? A tiny town in Italy? No, I live in Denmark. I’m talking about Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park right here in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. What? You don’t know Tivoli? You should come visit! You should come visit Copenhagen AND visit Tivoli. When it’s open. Alas, it’s not always open. But if your travels allow, it is so worth it when it is. Continue reading “So Many Reasons to Love Tivoli Gardens in Every Season”

Malmö, Sweden | A Sustainable Modern Scandinavian City

Slide Across the Øresund Bridge for a day out in Southern Sweden
Meet Sweden’s little sister Malmö

Modern and historic sit side by side in Sweden’s third largest city. Located at the southern end of the country in beautiful Skåne, sustainable city planning has turned this town around. Come to Malmö, she said. You heard me correctly. Today, we’re going to Sweden. Directly across the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen, it is the easiest spot to get a Scandinavian double card punch when visiting the region. Turns out, it’s super easy to see it sustainably and the city has lots of green tourism options to keep your travel full of positive impact for you and the environment. Win. And win. And nobody will feel like they had to sacrifice to enjoy all that southern Sweden has to offer. It’s all about choices. And Malmö has many! Continue reading “Malmö, Sweden | A Sustainable Modern Scandinavian City”

Bike on Copenhagen’s Harbor Ring to Sluseholmen

Day Out in Denmark on Two Wheels
Explore Copenhagen’s lesser-known neighborhoods south of the city

One of the things we love about living in Copenhagen is access to the clean, clear harbor. The Harbor Ring, or Havneringen in Danish, is a 13-kilometer bicycling route that takes you around the city’s spectacular waterfront. And while you could do the whole loop in a day, I recommend breaking up the ring into smaller sections to savor some of what makes the Danish capital special. Today, I want to take you from the Cykelslangen to Sluseholmen, south of the old city. So jump on your bike and let’s ride. Continue reading “Bike on Copenhagen’s Harbor Ring to Sluseholmen”

Coffee House Hygge | The Coziest Places to Get Caffeinated in Copenhagen Denmark | Oregon Girl Around the World

Copenhagen’s Hyggeligste Places to Get Coffee

The Coziest Places to Get Caffeinated in the Danish Capital

I love coffee. It’s true. I do. And lucky for me (and you!) there is an incredible coffee culture here in Copenhagen. Come to Copenhagen, she said. Danes definitely know how to brew a delicious cup. And while I will never turn down a date to seek out a new source for a cuppa joe, the places I’ve shared here are my favorites. For now. Continue reading “Copenhagen’s Hyggeligste Places to Get Coffee”