Copenhagen’s Topless Sandwiches | Best Places to Taste the Smørrebrød

From classic spots to modern restaurants, what to expect at an authentic Danish lunch.

Come to Copenhagen, she said. And take your top off. Your sandwich at least. Here, the ubiquitous lunch dish is called smørrebrød – a Danish open-faced sandwich – and scandalous it’s not. Copenhagen is a tasty town try a piece or two, or more. Offerings of these gorgeous sandwiches washed down with carefully curated and house-infused snaps will convert the curious.

And whether you prefer the old-school vibe of an iconic café or the upscale design aesthetic of a more modern restaurant – the Danish capital has you covered. But you should still don your own top. I’ll share some smørrebrød etiquette, what to expect on menus, and where you can try it. Come along and see what you’re missing. Skål! Cheers. 

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Copenhagen Color: Where to Get Your Autumn On

Best Places to Find Fall Color in Copenhagen

A Self-Guided Bicycle/Walking Tour of Autumn Foliage and Danish Café Hygge

Fall is fantastisk in Copenhagen. Deciduous trees that dominate the landscape start changing colors to blend perfectly with the classic Scandinavian architecture. The Danish capital is suddenly coordinated in rusty reds, earthy ochres, and burnt oranges. This town is built for autumn. The long Nordic summer days slowly get shorter as they slip into my favorite season, even as the light lingers less and the air turns cool. Pull on a sweater. Or a jumper, if you’re British. Definitely bring layers and something to stave off the very real potential for rain. Fall can be crisp like a tart Danish apple, famous from the island of Fejø, ripe and ready to pluck.

But it’s not always rainy. Here, autumn can come sometimes sunny and bright. In Danish, there is a name for that hybrid season as summer turns to fall – known as sensommer. And it can be sublime. Come soak it up. And if the weather wanes, as it is wont to do in Denmark, you can enjoy the season change from inside one of Copenhagen’s many cozy cafés and delicious craft coffeehouses.

Originally posted September 2019, updated September 2022

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Head to Mt Hood for one of Oregon’s loveliest lavender Farms

Hope Ranch Lavender Farm is as sweet as it smells

A flower farm packed with blossoms, vistas, and views? Don’t mind if I do. Come to Oregon, she said. And make a beeline towards Mt Hood territory. Out here, in the shadow of volcanic peaks, small farms lined with fruit trees, grapevines, and blooms beckon a visit. Especially come summer when lane after lane of lavender plants sweeten the warm Pacific Northwest air. Hope Ranch Lavender Farm is pretty as a picture and the perfect spot to pack a picnic, smell the wares, or stop and relax for a while.

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Take a Tasty Oregon Coast Road Trip on the Scenic Three Capes Route

Cruise the loop between Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda.

Nestled between Tillamook and Pacific City is one of the prettiest drives on the Oregon Coast. A perfect road trip itinerary to explore the state’s swoon-worthy vistas and fresh local eats. This is the Three Capes scenic route and might just prove that the west coast is the best coast. Sandy beaches to surf, tide pools to peruse and old-growth forests to hike. Taste Dungeness crab from dock to pot to your plate. Or briny oysters plucked and shucked on the spot. Local cows in these parts make the best Oregon cheeses and the creamiest ice cream. Buckle up, we’re going for a ride. Oregon Coast style. Come to Oregon, she said.

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Organic vegetable plantings at ØsterGro urban farm Copenhagen Denmark

Organic Farm to Table Fare on a Rooftop in Copenhagen

Gro Spiseri Restaurant Delivers Delicious and Creative Local Cuisine
Urban farm Østergro is a gorgeous setting for dinner in Copenhagen

It is summer in the city. And what a beautiful city this is. Come to Copenhagen, she said. But step off the main tourist routes. Slow down. And explore the sustainable side. Like a local. Not too far afield, you’ll find a climate-friendly neighborhood known as Østerbro. Atop a roof here sits a fine little organic farm supported by the local community smack in the middle of the city. Don’t worry, they are willing to share. With you.

This is ØsterGRO organic urban farm and all are welcome. For a truly delicious experience, book a place for dinner at Gro Spiseri. Nestles inside the greenhouse of this gorgeous rooftop garden. On a blue-skied summer night in Denmark, it isn’t easy to beat. Continue reading “Organic Farm to Table Fare on a Rooftop in Copenhagen”

Denmark’s Best Street Food Markets | Where to Find and What to Eat

From Copenhagen to Odense to Hornbæk to Aarhus

Denmark is an amazing place to visit but sometimes gets a bad rap for being a drain on one’s wallet. It’s true that the cost of living, groceries, goods, and services can be higher here than one might be used to – but there are lots of fun ways to keep your dining expenses lower when traveling. Or just dining out if you live here.

Enter a street food market. This country has several charming street food markets offering up tasty and diverse eats in more casual settings. And bonus? More ways to enjoy yummy menus al fresco. If dining outside is a viable option, I’m always going to try it. So without further ado, here are the top Danish spots to sample some unique and delicious dishes.

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6 Unique Ways to Experience Copenhagen Culture Only in the Summer

Summer in Scandinavia brings long (mostly) sunny days, celebrations, and many ways to soak up some culture. While you can find ways to witness great art, music, and architecture any time of the year here, summer brings it all outside. Let’s all go al fresco.

In Denmark, the summer season officially begins on the 1st of June and ends at the end of August. If you’re here within these three glorious months, these are some of the fun things you could potentially experience. Sharing a diverse list of all sorts of Danish culture come summer.

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