Day Out in Denmark | Explore the Historic White Cliffs at Stevns Klint | UNESCO World Heritage Site | via Oregon Girl Around the World

Day Out in Denmark | Explore the Historic White Cliffs at Stevns Klint

Why You Should Seek Out This UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nature, history and culture collide at Stevns Klint south of Copenhagen

Just an hour south of the city sits one of Denmark’s ten designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stevns Klint is a natural area of white chalk and limestone cliffs that span sixteen kilometers along the eastern edge of Sjælland (or Zealand). Millions and millions and millions of years of the earth’s history are exposed here on this rocky swath of beach. It’s a geologist’s wet dream. I just think it’s really, really pretty. And a perfect place to pack in a picnic for a day out in Denmark. Continue reading “Day Out in Denmark | Explore the Historic White Cliffs at Stevns Klint”

Pencil Me In | Making Friends in Denmark

How to Make Friends in Denmark When it Feels Like Every Danes’ Dance Card is Full

Happiness rankings do not always equal friendliness rankings

You’ve probably heard. Seen the news. Read the reports. Denmark, and the rest of the Scandinavia siblings often take top ranks on World Happiness Reports year after year. We could debate all day about what happiness means to you, while the Nordics just keep winning. No matter what. 2018 saw Denmark’s Nordic neighbor, Finland, atop the charts while Denmark came in at number three behind Norway. But really, what does make a country “happy?” Ask a Dane and it quickly becomes quite clear. In addition to a prevalence of personal freedoms – those social democratic benefits like universal free healthcare and free higher education are big when it comes to feeling satisfied, comfortable and content with where you live. Continue reading “Pencil Me In | Making Friends in Denmark”

Copenhagen has the Best New Year's Eve in the World

Copenhagen has the Best New Year’s Eve in the World

Danes Blow the Old Year Away With a Bang


Godt Nytår! That’s Danish for Happy New Year! And dang it, Danes celebrate the turning of the calendar like nowhere I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen New Year’s Eve in a few places around the planet. But here, in Denmark, it’s difficult to describe. It’s different and delightful and downright LOUD. These normally rule-following, structured and peaceful peeps throw a no-holds-barred kind of colorful chaotic cacophony of a welcome to the brand new baby new year. If you’ve been here on December 31st, you know. If you’re Danish, you know. This year we celebrated our fourth New Year’s Eve in Denmark. And by now, I think we know! Any and all future end of year celebrations will pale in comparison to Copenhagen’s. Come see why and how to usher in the new year like a Dane. This is a little louder than your average hygge. But if fireworks are your thing, I reckon you’ll be happy.Copenhagen has the Best New Year's Eve in the World | Oregon Girl Around the World

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Aarhus City of Sustainable Culture

Explore Denmark’s Second City in Jutland

Aarhus Serves up Old and New IN A GREEN WAY as a European City of Culture

When most people (outside of Denmark) think of Denmark, they might instantly conjure Copenhagen. As the capital of this country, it’s not difficult to consider why. But Copenhagen doesn’t define all of Denmark. Just ask anyone from Jutland. As the largest Danish city on this side (and second largest in the country) Aarhus offers a unique vibe from her big capital city sister. And it is decidedly worth a visit. Fresh off a banner year as a European Capital of Culture 2017, you can still come to Aarhus and experience sustainable culture in this creative town.

Art and culture can act as catalysts for sustainable development by bringing people together around big and small experiences alike, encouraging dialogue and demonstrating examples of intelligent, fun and alternative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.”
– Aarhus 2017

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