Lyngvig Fyr Lighthouse on the west coast of Denmark

Discover the Beautiful & Wild West Coast of Jutland, Denmark

So many reasons to explore the Danish Vesterhavet region

The sea feels different on this side of Denmark. Here you must climb tall grass-covered dunes that crest to reveal wide windswept swaths of open sandy beaches. This is the North Sea and it can batter this shore. It definitely feels wilder and freer compared to the calmer Baltic Sea around Copenhagen. This is the Danish west coast. Vestkysten in Danish. We recently spent a long Easter break weekend in a cozy summer house nestled safely behind those sand dunes north of Hvide Sande in west Jutland. Come see why this area is worthy of exploring more.

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Danish Caviar and Blinis | Taste a Classic Spring Dish From Denmark

February in Denmark is marked by cream-filled fastelavnsboller fever. Especially this year. Without the escape of faraway winter breaks, it seemed to obtain a taste from every craft baker in Copenhagen was how we were collectively wandering. You too? We definitely tried a few. But I’m grateful the sweets are only in shops for a limited time. Too much a good thing, sometimes just too much.

So when the calendar turned over to March, the Danes make welcome to spring. Here, they follow the meteorological definition for the first day of Spring as March 1st. Personally, I’m more of a Spring Equinox person, but this was probably the first year we’ve lived here where the weather and season seemed fit to start at the beginning of the month. Suddenly, snowdrops, those pretty little harbingers of the season were pushing up in gardens and parks around town. The Danes call the delicate white and green blooms “vintergækker.” Gæk – an old Danish word that means to tease or make fun of. I love the idea that these little flowers are literally making fun of winter that was cold enough to freeze bodies of water last month.

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Day Out in Denmark | Get to Know Little Gilleleje on the Danish Riviera

Head to the gorgeous Danish coast of North Zealand 

Get thee to Gilleleje, a sweet little Danish fishing village an hour’s drive north of the capital Copenhagen. Or take the train to experience a little slice of summer life along the Danish Riviera. Pack the swimsuits and towels and a healthy appetite. With a safe and clean Blue Flag awarded beach nearby, it’s time to swim in the cool waters of the Kattegat offshore. Then find your fill of fresh seafood plucked daily from the cute harbor full of fishing boats with names like Mette and Thor. It was from right here in this quiet harbor, on vessels similar to the ones you see today, that the last group of Danish Jews was shepherded to Sweden and safety during WWII. Now a calm and cozy spot to get out of the city, come see what cute little Gilleleje has got going on. Continue reading “Day Out in Denmark | Get to Know Little Gilleleje on the Danish Riviera”

Day Out in Denmark | Canoeing Outside Copenhagen

Spend a Day Paddling Through Serene Green Spaces

Plan ahead for a perfect day out paddling with your people. Rent a canoe to travel beneath the lush and green canopy that lines an old millstream near the suburb of Lyngby, just outside the Danish capital of Copenhagen. We spent two serene hours toodling along the Mølleå canal that links local lakes like the Furesø and Lyngby Sø. Sail along and get a sense of what you’ll see. Tips on how to secure your own vessel for your own delightful day out in Denmark. Continue reading “Day Out in Denmark | Canoeing Outside Copenhagen”

Quarantine Kitchen | Orange Cardamom Easter Bunny Rolls

Wonder What Denmark Does at Home When on Lockdown?

While the rest of the world was hoarding toilet paper, here in Denmark the Danes load up on yeast. (And toilet paper.) It’s true. But yeast. That one was a surprise to me at first. But digging a bit deeper, and asking a few Danes, it turns out there is a precedent for all that yeast knabbing. Continue reading “Quarantine Kitchen | Orange Cardamom Easter Bunny Rolls”