Cruise through the Crowds in Colmar France on a Canal Boat Tour

Experience the Sweet Charm of Alsace 
Cruise past the crowds IN LITTLE VENICE, COLMAR

I’ve had Colmar, France – cute little Alsatian sweetheart – on my must-see list for a while. So when this summer’s grand European road trip from our home in Copenhagen to the south of France had some wiggle room, we added it to the itinerary. Apparently, so did everyone else visiting western Europe this year. Known as the setting inspiration for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, there is good reason why everyone feels the need to see it for themselves. But how to ditch the masses and circumnavigate the selfie sticks in this pretty little Alsatian sweet spot? Step aboard a canal boat. For twenty-five minutes you are afforded a small-group guided tour of these canals chock full of charm.

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Finding Pink Flamingos in the Camargue, South of France

Pay a Visit to the Parc Ornithologique du Pont de Gau
Come to the Camargue, she said

In the south of France, the Rhône river delta spreads out wide through reedy marshes, farmland and salt flats before flowing right into the Mediterranean. This region is called the Camargue. At once mythical and medieval, this beautiful area is home to cowboys, gypsies, black bulls, wild white horses and graceful pink flamingos. These are what we came to see. The Ornithological Park at Pont de Gau is a perfect place to experience the unique long-legged and pink feathered fowl up close and personal. Continue reading “Finding Pink Flamingos in the Camargue, South of France”

STREET ART PARIS Walking Tour | Learn Techniques, Styles and Artists | Oregon Girl Around the World

Take a Walking Tour of Street Art in Paris

See another side of Paris in the Street Art

From simple tagging to large-scale commissioned murals, street art has become a familiar fixture in our modern world. Learning a little more about the techniques, iconography and motivations of the artists themselves can help give you an understanding of the public art you come across in your own city and on travels abroad.

And if those travels find you in Paris, I can highly recommend taking one of the Underground Paris walking tours with Street Art Paris. Different tours are offered each focusing on art in specific parts of the city. Lasting about two hours – where you will be walking, talking, looking and discussing. And if you’ve been listening and engaging, you should come away a language for reading street art. A street art literacy per se. For Paris. And around the world. As it turns out, this language is fairly universal.

Post updated: May 2018

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Take your Tween to Paris Oregon Girl Around the World

Take your Tween to Paris

Paris is Always a Good Idea


Connecting with your tween daughter in Paris. The city of lights. I can confide. It was magical. Just she and I. Mom and dot.

“Wait. Back up. Travel with your tween? GAH! Are you crazy?” I hear you. I feel you. And maybe I am. Seriously. Maybe. But not about this. I am here to tell you – there is no better time than tweendom to travel with your child. Read more of my reasons why you should too in my last post.

And IF it is in the realm of your possibility to take said tween to Paris – you absolutely should. Everyone should experience Paris. Once. Or Twice. Or three times a lady. Seriously. I love this lady. Oh – and my daughter too! I love her too. But j’adore Paris. C’est vrai. It’s true. Having been to Paris more than once, I had specific things that I wanted to share on her inaugural visit. We had only two nights and three days to explore. And I do believe that is enough time for a showcase of the wonderful city. Especially for your first visite. A brief but brilliant tenth birthday visit. That was us. Go when it works for you. Continue reading “Take your Tween to Paris”