See Soviet-Era Automobiles and Cult Classic Cars at the Riga Motor Museum, Latvia

What to do when in Riga?
Explore THE most extensive classic car collection in the Baltics

Winter is a wonderful time to visit the charming capital of Latvia. Even when the weather isn’t perfect there is plenty to do, explore and enjoy. If you’re looking for something to entertain your crew inside, steer yourselves to Riga’s Motor Museum for an interactive and interesting look at the evolution of automobiles in this former Soviet republic.

1956 Moskvitch 401/420

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Go Bogshoeing on a Wild Latvian Peat Bog Outside Riga

Hike Through the Kemeri National Park on a Day Out in Latvia


Springy. Squishy. Damp. Different. Dare to walk across freshwater lakes layered with a mesh of moss in a Latvian peat bog and that is exactly what you’ll feel. Any trepidation soon slips away as the spongey moss below your feet feels secure enough to sustain you. There is something serene about sloshing through a swampy bog. Maybe you don’t believe me. I didn’t believe me. Before I did it. I went “bogshoeing” on a pristine peat bog on my latest trip to Latvia. Continue reading “Go Bogshoeing on a Wild Latvian Peat Bog Outside Riga”

Responsible Husky Dog Sledding outside Riga Latvia

Wonderful Winter Fun With Rescued Huskies


Latvia is a wonderful place for a winter break. But what is there to do near the Baltic when the weather isn’t warm? How about husky dog sledding in a snowy white forest near Riga? Just outside the country’s cool capital, you can meet some of these beautiful and eager dogs for a perfect winter day out.

If you are like me, making sure that your travel experiences are sustainable, respectful and responsible is extremely important. So when my family found out that dog sledding was an option on our recent winter break to Latvia, I needed to make sure that it was an ethically sound outing. But how can you tell? What does that mean? Must love dogs for a start. And these Latvians do. So will you. Continue reading “Responsible Husky Dog Sledding outside Riga Latvia”

Wild Winter Fun in Sigulda Latvia | Slide in an Olympic Bobsled down the Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Federation track | Oregon Girl Around the World

Wild Winter Fun in Latvia – Slide Down the Olympic Bobsled Track in Sigulda

What to do in and Around Riga this Winter


Ever wondered what it might feel like to whoosh down a slick icy track like an Olympic bobsled team? Or slide head first like the slightly insane competitors who do Skeleton? You can experience it for yourself and you should when in Latvia. Step right up and hurtle yourself down the Latvian Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Track in Sigulda.

Just an hour outside the Latvian capital of Riga, you can take a turn or two in a real Olympic bobsled reaching speeds up to 100km/hr. Not for the faint of heart. Or those under 18, pregnant or with any back issues. Rule you out? Us too. At least more than half of us. But no worries – we can all ride together in the slightly slower, but still thrilling “soft-bob.” On Saturdays and Sundays all winter, you and your friends or family can step into a plush sled and get pushed down the track, hitting speeds of 70-80 km/hr. It felt plenty fast enough for me. Continue reading “Wild Winter Fun in Latvia – Slide Down the Olympic Bobsled Track in Sigulda”