The cutest little street in Copenhagen

And the award goes to… Olufsvej!

I fell in love on a wrong turn back in August last year. I was exploring on a recce visit while my husband was working in Aarhus. I had no idea at the time that this quiet little full of color and charm street would be in my very own neighborhood. Oh to bike home to one of those brightly painted little row houses on a coming grey day. In summer they are a bloom with tall and brilliant hollyhocks and roses and lavender. (One of the Top 10 reasons I love summer in Copenhagen!)

Steer your bicycle wheels down this colorful street of charm, to or fro your visit to nearby Fælledparken. Olufsvej won’t disappoint. Make a stop at the Instagram worthy Oluf’s Is at the end of the street (closest to Østerbrogade) – check out their feed for mouth watering inspiration. Yum! And beautiful too! Perfect end to Olufsvej.

Mouthwatering Olufs Is Instagram Feed

Does a different Copenhagen street steal your heart? Tell me! Tell me! I’m bike mobile again and would adore a new place to point my handlebars towards! Enjoy the sunshine where you are and happy Fredag! Cheers from Denmark – Erin

12 thoughts on “The cutest little street in Copenhagen

  1. michele hardin

    Seriously, so jealous! What an adventure, Erin!! Thank you for allowing us to travel there through your beautiful photography and written words. xo

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  3. I saved your Croatia blog post over the weekend with the intention of reading it only to discover that you live in Copenhagen! I’m visiting the city in December and am so happy to have found Copenhagen blog posts. I keep getting mixed reviews of the city from so many people so I’m keen to make the most of our visit 🙂

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