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Wait, what? Ice cream season closes in Copenhagen? Yes. In fact, it does, for most local shops. For the vinter. And every year, come the end of February or early March the shops all over town open their doors again. And some offer gratis is. Free ice cream. Or special discounts. And we always grab some. Danish ice cream is good. Happy cows remember? Although recent World Happiness rankings might put Norwegians cows ahead of their Danish neighbors. Moo.

So spring officially began here in Denmark on March 1st. To be honest, that is just a date on your wall calendar. Or ical or phone app or abacus – wherever you figure out what stinkin’ day of the week it is out there.  In Denmark, a few vintergækker blømster, or snowdrop flowers, pushing up through the earth do not equal spring in my opinion. A harbinger for the season ahead, perhaps. But, since the month’s start, we’ve had snow flurries, temps averaging around 4°C and a progression of cold, damp and gray days. That is. Until last week. Finally. It feels a little like spring.

Enter the vernal equinox. Is it just me or is there something sexy about that word. Vernal. Maybe I’m misinterpreting. March 20th is halfway between the darkest December day and the peak of summer. The spring equinox ushers in an equal amount of light and dark on the Danish days. The weather is still not that warm. Per se. But then again, it’s all relative. When the sun is out even at 5°C, put your face upwards and it feels like heaven. Here anyway.

So now it is spring. To me – spring is sprung when the crocuses pop at the Kings Garden. That beautiful purple and white plaid carpet that stretches out before the Rosenborg Slot. NOW. It is spring in Copenhagen. Now we can eat ice cream.

Really? Yep. Ice cream. And you should really try this ice cream. It’s some of my favorite. Maybe you’ve already been following along and you know. Maybe you’ve met Cathrine. Maybe you’ve tasted her wares. If you haven’t… what are you waiting for? It’s amazing! You must go try some. She is an ice cream scientist and flavor artist and her shop Østerberg Ice Cream is opening this Saturday, 25th of March at 13:00. She is giving away 100 liters of ice cream will be free! Buy your first scoop and try one of her other amazing flavors for free. Gratis!

Østerberg Ice Cream

Rosenvængets Allé 7C | 2100 København Ø

Cathrine Østerberg, owner and certified ice cream scientist creates art on a cone. Her flavors unique and the texture perfection. This is seriously my favorite ice cream in town.

OPENS: Saturday 25th March
OFFER: Free second scoop.
TASTE: The world. Try one of the exotic flavors like yuzu, dragonfruit or hibiscus.


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