Head to Mt Hood for one of Oregon’s loveliest lavender Farms

Hope Ranch Lavender Farm is as sweet as it smells

A flower farm packed with blossoms, vistas, and views? Don’t mind if I do. Come to Oregon, she said. And make a beeline towards Mt Hood territory. Out here, in the shadow of volcanic peaks, small farms lined with fruit trees, grapevines, and blooms beckon a visit. Especially come summer when lane after lane of lavender plants sweeten the warm Pacific Northwest air. Hope Ranch Lavender Farm is pretty as a picture and the perfect spot to pack a picnic, smell the wares, or stop and relax for a while.

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Take a Tasty Oregon Coast Road Trip on the Scenic Three Capes Route

Cruise the loop between Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda.

Nestled between Tillamook and Pacific City is one of the prettiest drives on the Oregon Coast. A perfect road trip itinerary to explore the state’s swoon-worthy vistas and fresh local eats. This is the Three Capes scenic route and might just prove that the west coast is the best coast. Sandy beaches to surf, tide pools to peruse and old-growth forests to hike. Taste Dungeness crab from dock to pot to your plate. Or briny oysters plucked and shucked on the spot. Local cows in these parts make the best Oregon cheeses and the creamiest ice cream. Buckle up, we’re going for a ride. Oregon Coast style. Come to Oregon, she said.

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Crabbing on the Oregon Coast

Scooping up Delicious Dungeness Crabs


Three hours before high tide. We’ve checked the boat. It still starts. That’s key. We load it up with rings, pots, and boxes. We’re going crabbing. On the Oregon Coast. Yes – you heard me. OREGON. Oregon Girl and crew are back around the world for a month visiting family and friends. In Oregon. It’s a little surreal. In the best way. Don’t worry Denmark, we’ll be back. But for now, we’re soaking up, tasting, seeing, and hugging all those things and people that we missed. It’s good.

(Originally posted July 2016, up-to-date as of September 2022)

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Scenic McKenzie Highway – Road Trip to Sisters, Oregon

Oregon seeps under your skin, mossy and green. Like a salve for your soul. It is my from. If you’ve been playing along or you know me, this is no surprise. If you haven’t and you landed here today with this post – then first, let me say velkommen! Welcome! But you probably figured it out too. Right? The Oregon connection? It’s kind of obvious, hunh? Oregon Girl and all. Yep, ok. Back to Oregon. But what do you know about Oregon? I know some of you know a lot. But for those who don’t – here’s a tiny overview. Short and sweet and green.

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Berry My Heart in Oregon – Farm Tunes on Sauvie Island

An Essential Summer Outing in Portland, Oregon
Spend an Evening Outside Sipping and Picking and Listening to Live Music

(Originally posted Summer 2016, updated June 2018 with current prices, dates) 

I’m back home now in Copenhagen after a whirlwind four weeks on the West Coast of the United States. Visiting, hugging, laughing, loving friends and family in my from. It was truly a family festival of fun chock full of veritable iconic Oregon summertime magic. I’ve already shared some of it with our Oregon Coast time crabbing. Miss it? Don’t be crabby – you can catch it here. Today, I want to share another of my mostest favoritest things to do in Oregon when you find yourself there at the peak of the season’s ripeness. Let’s go berry picking.

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