Seahouses and Sea birds – Farne Islands, Northumberland UK

Puffins, terns, and guillemots… oh my!

If you hadn’t noticed by now, I am easily seduced by the scent of the sea. I truly adore a bitty seaside village that sits beside the shore. Salt air. Sand. Waves lapping. Salves for my soul. Come with me to Seahouses. This is different from a Danish summer house. This is the quirky little town known as Seahouses on the Northumberland Coast in Great Britain. Specifically, we’re talking northeastern England. It’s late spring, early summer. We recently visited at the beginning of May. And with us were seabirds and seals and so many other sea creatures.

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Spend a Day Exploring Yorkshire’s Historic Whitby Bay

Dracula, Cockles and Limpets. Oh my!

All in a day out at Whitby – darling sea harbor town on the northeastern coast of England. An easy day trip over the North York Moors National Park from anywhere in Yorkshire or northern England.

Whitby offers all the classic trappings of a perfect seaside respite.

  • A long swath of sandy beach for dogs, castles, or cricket? Check.
  • Tidepools to hunt crustaceans and mollusks? Check.
  • Colorful beach huts that brighten the boardwalk? Check.
  • Purveyors of fresh “chippy” or a cold Mr. Whippy? Check.
  • Creepy old abbeys, churches, and graveyards? Check.
  • Shops for the shoppers, arcades for the players, and pubs for the thirsty? Check.
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Charming Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK

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Scottish Borders Oregon Girl Around the World

Scottish Borders

Take a spring road trip from Edinburgh, Scotland over the border to Corbridge, England

Bonnie Scotland gleams along the road less traveled. Being Americans – we love a good road trip. Compound that with the fact that we live a car-free life in Copenhagen, Denmark and it can make us a bit giddy when we get into a car on vacation. And no. We have not driven on that side of the road. EVER. But, don’t worry – we took the full insurance* for our first car hire in the U.K. Signal before the roundy round. That’s my only advice. Just do it. We did. Most of the time. So, off we went. From Middlesbrough, England to Edinburgh, Scotland, and back.

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Lovely Liverpool, England

Onsdag is almost here in Denmark! That’s Wednesday peeps. In Danish. There is still time to inspire a little mid-week wanderlust. Where to today Erin? I’m so glad you asked. Ready, steady, go! Today I’m taking you to Liverpool baby – yeah! We’re going Merseyside people.

Liverpool Ice Cream
Liverpool Ice Cream

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