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Summertime in Copenhagen – 10 Must Do’s

Tried and True Things to Do This Summer in Copenhagen


Come to Copenhagen, she said. And I’ll say it again. Considering a trip during summer? It’s a dreamy time to visit. Danish summer days are long, full of that late Nordic light we locals craved over winter. At midsummer’s peak – celebrated here on the 23rd of June with the annual Sankt Hans Aften festivities – the sun shines 17.5 hours over the city. 

Beginning the 1st of June, the summer season brings flowers blooming everywhere, the air lavish with lilacs and elderflowers. Trees lining streets are once more lush and verdant. Vining roses drape around doorways of those charming, colorful old houses all over town. The sun glints off the clean water and people are out everywhere soaking it up. Faces to the sun. When it’s out. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of Copenhagen in summer.

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10 More Adorable Danish Villages you Don’t Want to Miss in Denmark

These tiny Danish towns are chock full of charm.


Come to Denmark, she said. But expand your Danish experience outside the capital Copenhagen. Try a slice of little village life in one of these idyllic spots across the country. It can feel like a step back in time to wander the medieval centers filled with cobblestoned charm. This is my second list of darling Danish towns – adding ANOTHER 10 places to put in your planning when visiting Scandinavia.

Want to see the first? Read it right here. But don’t think those are better and these towns second-tier. To be honest, it’s just the order in which we had the opportunity to visit. With twenty little adorable Danish villages to choose from – where do you start? Maybe by region.

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Tune In These Alternative Christmas Songs From Scandinavia

5th annual festive playlist of seasonal songs from Denmark, Sweden and Norway


Hej from here! It’s Jul time y’all. This is our seventh Christmas season in Scandinavia. Holy wow. That is surreal, even for me. We moved to Copenhagen in the dark December of 2014 and spent the first two+ weeks of that month bopping between Airbnb rentals like veritable vagabonds. It felt like forever. Maybe not as “forever” as 2020 feels, but everything is relative.

And while this year looked nothing like any of us planned, I’m grateful to be here in my home. Safe and happy surrounded by my little family. These songs are a snapshot of this season. In Scandinavia. I hope you find some new to you Christmas classics. It’s the 5th annual list I’ve made from here. You’ll hear a few foreign languages but should still feel the season. Enjoy the songs. Stay safe. Love your people. Cheers from here.

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A 10 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Explore Norway in Summer

Norway stuns from the shore to mountains and fjords


Norway ticks all the boxes for me. Beautiful beaches? Check. Massive mountains? Check. Green and mossy landscapes with evergreens overhead, where ferns flutter and wildflowers bloom? Check. Opportunities for heart-pumping adventure and inspiring activity? Check. Norway has it all.

Come along and see all the reasons summer is a fantastic season to explore this beautiful bit of Scandinavia. Here you can raft down white water rivers. Hike over fjords or come face to face with giant glaciers. Glide atop a serene blue-green sea in a kayak to find seals and porpoises. Make your own fjord cruise in a little rental boat to see majestic waterfalls and catch fresh fish for dinner. Discover the charm of the Norwegian hytte, or hut – a cozy cabin for your crew. Continue reading “A 10 Day Road Trip Itinerary to Explore Norway in Summer”

A Very Danish, Swedish & Norwegian Alternative Christmas Playlist

‘Tis the Season for New to-you Holiday Tunes.
Sharing a few songs for your December from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Pour yourself a glass of warm spiced gløgg, light your calendar candle and listen in. It’s December and it is decidedly Jul time in Scandinavia. Here in Denmark, the Danes adore Christmas. Good thing I do too. Part of my tradition at this time of year is to wade through a ton of Christmas tunes seeking and searching for a few new seasonal gems. It’s time for the 4th annual alternative Scandinavian Christmas playlist. Continue reading “A Very Danish, Swedish & Norwegian Alternative Christmas Playlist”