Stockholm, Sweden – Onsdag Wanderlust – Volume IV

It’s Onsdag. Its on. Let’s travel somewhere – virtually – together! (For previous Wednesday wanderings – click on the menu above and read earlier versions – we all need inspiration!) Time to add some color and graphic imagery to your wanderlust this Wednesday. Today I want to share one of my new favorite cities. I know, I know – I have a lot, maybe I’m just a lover. Of new and beautiful and amazing. And THAT is Stockholm. Well, new to me anywho. It’s actually chock full of history and culture and art and action and water and all the trappings of a city that will charm your socks off. I almost felt like I was cheating on my Scandinavian partner with whom I have entered into a committed relationship. Sorry Copenhagen – I still love you, but Stockholm was quite a flirt and I enjoyed the performance!

The purpose of our Stockholm escape was not strictly tourism, as my son was playing lacrosse at the Swedish National Lacrosse Tournament, but in between games – we soaked up as much Stockholm as we could. Surrounded by water, Stockholm is the beginning of the Swedish archipelago that is dotted with a million tiny islands that one could spend a lifetime exploring. We stuck to the main city, but prioritized accommodations on the water. Check out Slow Stockholm‘s recommendations to stay ON the water – I can highly endorse the “Boatel” experience, not your average hotel or apartment. Check out our view!

This is 11:45pm in Stockholm in June
This is 11:45pm in Stockholm in June
Gröna Lund Amusement Park from our Boatel
Gröna Lund Amusement Park from our Boatel
Tall ships float by our Boatel - Stockholm
Tall ships float by our Boatel – Stockholm

Our boat was docked on the Södermalm side of Stockholm – full of funk and spirit – we loved the location. It was also Sweden’s National Day – so lots of action around town to celebrate. Bands playing live outside along Södermalm’s Götgatan street while we enjoyed a little Swedish Fika. I can wholeheartedly get behind Fika – a communal break in your day to stop and enjoy coffee, a sweet and friends. The cinnamon cardamom buns from Wayne’s coffee definitely did the trick and browsing the lovely Swedish design shop next door hard to resist.

Swedish Fika break
Swedish Fika break

Looking for more upscale progressive eats in cool venue – try The Flying Elk in the old district – Gamla Stan. A little too progressive for our wee ones, so we enjoyed something from their unique beer selection and a couple of the delicious starters – thumbs up to the delicious little cheese and honey gougères, the steak tartare and the gratis (with your expensive beer) truffle and parmesan popcorn.

You’re not looking for fancy, just want some Swedish pancakes? You’re in Sweden right? I don’t know if these are the BEST swedish pancakes in all of Stockholm, but the weekend breakfast buffet at quirky and colorful (two things I love) Café String on Södermalm offers them unlimitedly and with lots of other Swedish specialties. I like brunch buffets when traveling as they offer local specialties that one might not necessarily know to order straight off the menu. I usually try anything that looks interesting. Once. I did find this tube at the Boatel and am newly addicted – Kalles.

Svensk Klassiker - Kalles
Svensk Klassiker – Kalles

Ever had it? Like it? My family wasn’t sold, but on the grainy bread with boiled egg and some pureed caviar paste on top, I found it delicious! My husband didn’t realize what it was in the bowl at the buffet and almost put it on his second round of pankakkor! Other foreign flavors that I enjoyed were the leverpastej (yes, its liver paté) with pickled vegetables atop brown bread. Not something I would probably stock at home (as no one else would eat it!) but when in Stockholm – right? I will remember those flavors, those scents – they will flavor my Swedish memories.

Colorful Café String in Södermalm
Colorful Café String in Södermalm
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
You can sit IN the window at Café String

Very near the colorful Café String is the flagship store for Swedish Hasbeens – fabulously fun and modern Swedish clogs that I have been coveting for years. Serendipitously located (I promise that I didn’t sway a brunch date nearby on purpose) and by fortuitous happenstance I occasioned upon their unassuming storefront after having crutched up from the waterfront. There she was. Stockholm flirting with me again. And I will admit that “I got nailed in Sweden.” The shoes! People! The shoes. I bought the shoes. I swear that is their tag line!

So I hope that I may have colored your Wednesday a wee bit. Are you daydreaming? Where do you want to go next? I’m thinking a lot about Berlin and Santorini and Paris and Bornholm and many points in between. Up next – Oslo! It will be a Scandi trifecta! Been there? Must sees? And please share your favorites from Stockholm – I will definitely float that way again as she has that effect. For now – enjoy a few more pics of her and cheers from Denmark!

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