Norway by Rail

Start Your Norway in a Nutshell Tour by Train from Oslo

Summer break is almost here and maybe Norway is on your list. If you haven’t taken the overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo – that is an experience in and of itself. Spend time in the elegant and accessible city, but don’t limit your Norwegian trip to Oslo. Norway really shines outside the capital. Ride along as I revisit our train trip from Oslo to fjord country… this is Norway by rail.


Wending along in the eighth of ten cars, feeling the pull and sway along the tracks. Remarkably insulated from the bracing sound of metal wheels upon steel rails. Suprisingly infrequent is the clickety-clacking one most associates with this mode of travel. I love riding the train.

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Travel tween family Paris France Eiffel Tower Oregon Girl Around the World

Travel with your Tween

Ah tweens. You gotta love ‘em. In between the little girl you once thought you knew and the fast approaching teenager you fear she is becoming. Maturing at an exponential rate and desperate to be older, as her mother you feel like life is on fast forward and the button is stuck. Do you know what I mean? Do you have a tween? No? Want mine? Just kidding. I love her. Most days. Wink wink.

How about traveling with your tween? Does the thought cause your eyes to roll? Remind you of someone? Oh just mine? She’s got it down, that sassy annoyed eye roll. And the perfect stomp off. Know that one too? Sigh. Breathe. Wine. Just kidding. Breathe. In. And out. And maybe wine. Especially if it’s French wine.

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Open letter to my newly expatriated self

So You’re Moving Around the World?

Hello you doe-eyed, adventurous, naive, cute little baby expat you. Hi – how are you? Here in Denmark – we say “hej!” It sounds like Hi. Don’t worry – you’ve got that one in the bag. No accent required. Have you moved yet? No? Ok. So – you are still super excited, anxious, about ready to pop, explode inside and get this ball rolling. About as ready as you were to have your first child at 39 weeks pregnant. People just need to stop telling you how much easier it is when the baby is on the inside and how much sleep you won’t be getting. All you want is to meet this little creature kicking and prodding you and keeping you awake at night. Get out already. That is what it feels like right now before the big move abroad. I get it. You want to start the starting. Move already.

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Valentines Day American Danish British

Valentine’s Day is not the same to a Dane (or a Brit.)

There were things we knew before even stepping on that plane – flying us around the world from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen, Denmark. Our family of five was very aware that some cultural assimilation would be a baseline requirement in making our expatriation successful. Language barriers aside, there are little cultural norms and rules that make a society tick and operate smoothly. On the surface, life in Denmark is not radically different from our life in the United States. And because we “look like the locals,” there is a blanket assumption that we will know, understand and adhere to all those little rules. Danes like rules.

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