Becoming Danish…

Having only arrived a little over a month ago – I can completely empathize with all of these “differences.” We have already procured simple neutral (not all white) furniture, but aren’t quite loving the single duvets yet. And its really a long fall down to the courtyard or street if we hang it out the window! I haven’t been privy to any suppository application yet, but maybe my “babes” are past this point – I hope! I have personally witnessed on multiple occasions the baby in the pram OUTSIDE the shop (on the busy street in the middle of the city!) where mother or father are procuring their goods. Some were sleeping soundly all nestled in their buntings and pointy elf hats, most under a protective layer of weather proofing as the weather does change rapidly here. But another babe was crying her head off isolated outside in her pram. My inner (American) mothering instinct wanted to pick her right on up, but I thought better of it, seeing that the mother was clearly aware and maybe her baby had reflux or colic and she heard that crying ALL DAY (what? Oh, now I’m having flashbacks.) Instead I tried to soothe her momentarily by making some funny faces to which I am positive I got several reactions from passersby. I have been warned of the communal swim hall showers and think the cultural gap might be a bit wide there – the kids are interested in trying our “free passes” we received with our CPR registrations, but I will have to really muster some moxy to make that happen. As for scarves in summer – I’m already all in on that one! Lets see how the cultural adaption evolves – really wanting my bike to arrive so as to join in that Danish tradition. Going to go see the Danish Royals like a good local (or tourist) parade between palaces today – more later! – Erin

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