So Many Reasons to Love Tivoli Gardens in Every Season

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park | Copenhagen Denmark


Tivoli! Tivoli! Tivoli! What do you think of when you hear the word? A tiny town in Italy? No, I live in Denmark. I’m talking about Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park right here in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. What? You don’t know Tivoli? You should come visit! You should come visit Copenhagen AND visit Tivoli. When it’s open. Alas, it’s not always open. But if your travels allow, it is so worth it when it is. Continue reading “So Many Reasons to Love Tivoli Gardens in Every Season”

Slik eller Ballade is Trick or Treat for Danes

Last night we celebrated an authentically Danish Halloween. That statement alone may seem controversial to some. Do Danes even do Halloween? Why yes. Yes they do. But Danes fall on two sides of the fence when it comes to the prevalence of what they see as a very American holiday. Some embrace it full on, while others ignore it, or worse, admonish the obvious escalation in adoption of the holiday here. We have witnessed an increase in participation, just in the two years that we have lived in Copenhagen. More jack-o-lanterns gleaming from windows and restaurant perches. Orange and black decorations in shops and on the street. Pumpkins for sale for the entire month of October.

And for what it is worth, last night’s Halloween was definitively Danish. How so? Let me share. First of all we took our daughter to a Danish neighborhood. One of the cutest neighborhoods in Copenhagen if you ask me. Trick or treating in apartment blocks where we live proves a challenge. What bell to ring and which floor to traipse to? Hard to know in a town that only partially celebrates. So we walked a little ways to the Kartofflerækkerne. The “potato rows.” Darling little row houses sit sandwiched along several blocks near the Lakes in Østerbro. You can find them running between Øster Søgade and Øster Farimagsgade. Each with a little fenced yard, on Halloween their gates and doors are open. Decorated with cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and fog machines. Many sporting more haunting decor.

One of my favorite images of the Potato Row houses by photographer Henrik Schurmann

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