A Sweet Slice of Nostalgia at The American Pie Company in Copenhagen

Authentic Americana and Apple Pie in the heart of Copenhagen

Care to share a sweet slice of authentic Americana right in the middle of Copenhagen? It’s as easy as pie. Except that I had yet to try. Until yesterday, when I finally succumbed to step inside The American Pie Company in the center of the city, which has been charming locals and garnering nominations for the City’s Best (Byens Bedste) Awards since it flung open its button-cute café in 2015. What took me so long you might ask? Wouldn’t a nice piece of pumpkin, pecan or key lime pie be the perfect palliative for any potential bout of pining for home? Yer darn tootin’ it could be. However, I’ve resisted. Until now.


As an American living in Copenhagen for over three years, there are definitely things that I miss about living so far away. First and foremost, family and friends. Oregon is a LONG way away. That’s where I’m from. Pull out a map. Take a peek. As the crow flies, it’s roughly 5000 miles (or 8000 km) from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen, Denmark. Dump in a 9-hour time zone differential and it feels further still. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you. She tells me every time we talk. I love you mom! And miss you too. The distance is vast. Especially in the grey of a Copenhagen January. But, salving with standards from an American life, like PIE, almost felt like cheating. Like I wasn’t trying hard enough to assimilate here. Or even worse, cheating on my mom’s pie. She makes darn good pie.


For the most part, whilst living in Denmark, I haven’t needed to fill up on specifically American sweets and treats to stave off any nostalgia or longing for familiarity. Denmark has a plethora of options to satisfy any sweet tooth. Fredagslik anyone? Danes’ weekly Friday evening outing to the self-pick candy shop is almost too sweet for me. But my kids are big fans. And don’t forget the Danes love of all things cake. They bring it to celebrate everything. And “cake,” or kage in Danish, can take on many a connotation. From lagkage (layer cake) to flødekage (cream cake) to kanelsnegl (cinnamon snails), hindbærsnitte (raspberry slice) and kringles, bring “cake” is widely interpreted here and should always be shared. But it would never be confused with pie. Ummm. Pie. Now that is American. To me.



So when my mostly not American friends invited me to a group outing at The American Pie Company. I said yes. As you should do when invited. But I still had my doubts. Like I said, my mom makes darn fine pie. Fresh from the oven, oozing with tart marionberry goodness and topped with cold creamy Oregon ice cream? Oregon berry pie is the bomb. Could these pies compare? I’m here to tell you, you should avoid it no longer and it felt nothing like cheating.



Step inside the cozy café on Skindergade in the old center of Copenhagen and it smacks of Americana. With the requisite stars and stripes on the wall, it’s like a kitschy little diner you might find on a cross-country road trip through one of the middle states. I know. I’ve been in many. Middle states AND diners. Old pie tins, rolling pins and quirky signs provide charming decor above vintage chairs and retro tiled floors. Mix with a dash of Danish design with a simple set up and The American Pie Company is all sorts of cute. I would even say hyggeligt. Maybe I’ve lived in Denmark too long! But so has co-founder and American Erin Eberhardt Chapman, originally hailing from Illinois and Wisconsin, who has called Copenhagen her home since 1998. Erin shares this project with fellow co-founder and Dane Dorte Prip, who herself has ties to a life and family in California. The recipe they’ve created here is a little bit of magic and feels like the real deal here in Copenhagen.

For Erin, baking pie was a way to stay connected to her American roots and abated some of her own homesickness living abroad in Denmark the past twenty years.

I realized that if I created a space that was all I loved about the USA (the nostalgia, family and food) and invited strangers (customers) in, then I would have the best of both worlds here in Copenhagen. The flag on the wall was my Grandpa’s from wartime and he was a mega-pie fan. The clippings and kitchen gear were from my great-grandmother and grandparents’ farmhouse.”
– Erin Eberhardt Chapman, co-founder The American Pie Company

It feels familiar and homey in here. It’s hard to explain. Even the scratched table tops fit with the scene. But what about the pie? It’s really all about the pie. Isn’t it?


Oh the pies you ask? Don’t worry we tried them. Pies. Pies and more pies. Or slices of pie. The American Pie Company makes everything from scratch and offers both savory and sweet pies. Try a single serving chicken pot pie or a cottage pie or the pulled pork with apples pie. Chicken pot pie conjures up childhood to me and the only other American friend in our group confirmed it was delectable.


Pie flavors at the American Pie Company change with the seasons. Today in the case, we were tempted to try one of the traditional American flavors with catchy names like “Kiss Me Quick Key Lime,” “Sky-High Lemon Meringue” or “Yo’ Mama’s Apple Cinnamon.” More inventive flavors like “The Razzle Dazzle,” a dark chocolate ganache layer topped with raspberry filling and lots of whipped cream got many takers in our group today. Other flavors included “The Grandfather,” an apple cranberry cream with crumble crust; “Daddy’s Girl,” a chocolate cream and Oreo concoction; Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownie and Deep-dished Cinnamon Bread Pie served warm with a warm Bourbon glaze. Hello. Stick a fork in me.


As there were no berry pie options at this time of year, I opted for Key Lime. Actually, my mom doesn’t make Key Lime Pie. So that’s what I tried. I loved the crushed graham cracker crust and the slight tangy taste. Not too sweet. Just right. But if you want a ton of tang with a puffy sweet meringue pop, do the Lemon Meringue. People loved the raspberry plus chocolate in the Razzle Dazzle, a much more decadent slice. Want to take some home? Of course you do. Can’t decide? American Pie will make up a custom box of 8 different slices to please all your people. Or take home some savory pies to plop in the oven for an easy dinner tonight.

OH! And they teach pie baking classes! What a fun outing. Check website for more information. But, I will stick to sampling the slices. Having lessons from anyone but mom would really be cheating! Ha!

The American Pie Company 

Skindergade 61, 1159 Copenhagen K
(+45) 24228822

Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00
Saturdays 11.00-17.00
First Sunday of the Month 11.00-16.00

So when you find yourself in the center of Copenhagen and craving a little slice of America, make your way to the American Pie Company. You’ll be happy you did. One piece of pie = 100% happy. It’s the real deal. Cheers from Denmark!

This is not a sponsored post. It’s just that good. 

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39 thoughts on “A Sweet Slice of Nostalgia at The American Pie Company in Copenhagen

  1. Katy

    Delicious! Food has an incredible way of resurfacing memories doesnt it. I have always wanted to try key lime pie… can you believe I havent?!

  2. It’s so stinkin’ cute!! I love it! I can understand not wanting to go for such a long time, especially if your mama makes good pies! We have an American style diner in town here but we only go when I feel a little homesick and need a good American style burger and milkshake! But this is too cute not to pass up during a visit! #FarawayFiles

  3. Clare Thomson

    Oh my, now I really want pie! I told you I felt bad about never having tried any pie despite visiting the US quite a few times. We make pie of course in the UK but I suspect it’s different. This is the cutest looking café though. What a cosy place to hole up during the dark winter days. #FarawayFiles

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Nary a minced meat in sight! ? But I suspect the cottage pie would be similar to what you would find in UK?!

  4. katherinefenech2017

    This pie shop is even cuter and more authentic looking than any of the pie places I’ve ventured into in the US. Please note, that count currently stands at exactly one. How did you even resist since 2015 though? Those pies look lip-smackingly delicious! I kind of want to fly to Copenhagen to sit in The American Pie Company and sample one of everything right now!
    On a related note, I tried to make an apple pie last weekend…. disaster ensued. #FarawayFiles

  5. Wishing there was a love button! This post is sweet as pie! We love pie in our family and even considered a wedding pie. Tim’s favorite: Marionberry! Personally I enjoy a nice warm slice of peach with vanilla ice cream on top and a load of whipped cream! I’m glad you finally had an opportunity to sample this adorable place, nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia! For a girl who can’t make up her mind where sweets are concerned the idea of 8 different slices sounds perfect! #farawayfiles

  6. Oh my goodness these pies look delish! I’ve always been a key lime pie girl. And pumpkin. Love the concept of this place and how they have both savory and sweet pies. Something tells me that was not your last visit! #farawayfiles

  7. Wow, absolutely everything about this place looks amazing, and those pie flavors sound soo good! I love all of the decor, and that sign about pilates vs. pie & lattes is great! Love your photos and style of editing them, too. 🙂 Now if they could open one of these in New York… #farawayfiles

  8. Ruth

    For many years, I used to say I was not a fan of pie. However, what I have discovered is that I am not a fan of bad pie and sadly, there are more bad pies than good pies out there. The pies on this cafe look really good. I keep looking at that golden and flaky crust. It would be nice to try them. My favorite pies are baked on a town in the mountains of San Diego called Julian. #FarawayFiles

  9. What a lovely place! I just spent New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen (my first time) and there are so many cozy cafes with incredible looking treats that I understand how it may have taken you a year or few to get there. It’s definitely going on my list for the next visit! #FarawayFiles

      1. I’ve been lucky enough to ring in the new year in some incredible cities and I completely agree with you!

        Our original plan was to go to the Town Hall Square but our waiter recommended we just go down to the river around the corner from the restaurant (he gave us glasses of cava too!). It was incredible! I couldn’t believe how many people were lighting off serious fireworks. I loved our weekend in Copenhagen and NYE was just magic.

  10. mymeenalife

    After three years abroad I think you are certainly to entitled to some pie! So glad that you have this to enjoy – it looks like a fantastic place. I’d definitely pop in for a chicken pot pie. My husband loves pies of all kinds and I tried to make a pumpkin pie when we lived in Germany but it was a bit of a disaster because the ingredients weren’t quite the same.

  11. I can relate to how you feel – when I was living in Australia many moons ago, I refused to dine at Malaysian restaurants because the food is not as authentic or tasty as the ones back home, obviously. But there were instances which I caved in because I was missing home. Some of them turned out to be really good! I gather you will be returning to this American Pie cafe again? 🙂 #FarawayFiles

  12. Oh my word, those flavours sound amazing. We savoured pies when we were in the States last year. We are also long overdue a trip to Copenhagen so a visit here would definitely be on the cards. #farawayfiles

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