Roll call!

I love social media. Really. I really do. If you know me, that is NOT a huge surprise. I know, I know – it can suck the life out of us sometimes, tempt us down the rabbit hole of never ending videos, memes and photo albums. It can lead to comparisitis* and distract us from our work. And I am very aware of those pesky blue waves emanating from all those screens that can potentially impact brain development, sleep patterns and mood swings. I know. I absolutely concur. Everything in moderation. (Including moderation.) I know all of that. I’m not here to debate. (Kind of am.) But still. I love it, I do.

I also love meeting people. Face to face. Off screen. In person. I am a FIRM believer in meetups in real time. Proper chats. (Forgive me on the dialect, I’m surrounded by Brits. It rubs off.) I’m a social creature. I crave contact. Like a moth to a flame. Social media facilitates this. It does. From sharing local events to inspiring travel images, it can open up the world. In your here and beyond. It can inspire you to venture to new destinations. Connect you with like-minded explorers of life. People you didn’t even know, wouldn’t guess or would otherwise never have had an opportunity to meet minded. That is cool. Cheers to SoMe! (That’s social media mom.)

Some of you may know me. Personally. Know me. May have met me. I’ve lived a lot of places. It’s true. And I appreciate how I can stay in touch through social media. I may not be able to meet you anymore in the break room or at the library for baby story time or weekly playgroup or book club or mom’s night out or public art committee planning or couch to 5K training or kids’ team sideline cheering or art class or photo walking or Instameets right now, but I still appreciate you. I do. Believe me. I really do. Thank you for all of those. I loved it. I needed it. And I love that I can stay connected still. Stay connected with all those disparate parts of my life. In 45 years I have accumulated many parts. I appreciate all the pieces they contribute to making my whole.

I love the thumbs up and the hearts and the likes and the emojis and the engagement. Thanks for playing! I love it when they come from my family. It makes the distance not so distant for a moment. I love it when it comes from people I went to high school with. I love it when my daughter asks me – WHO IS THAT? And I say… that is my sorority sister’s family. Or my friend I met from the Portland Instagram Group. That I met in London. Remember him? The guy who likes cars so much? Oh yeah. Him.

Moving a bunch adds to your human sorority. And fraternity. This Danish life is not my first rodeo. I moved a BUNCH domestically before making this leap across borders. Many, many borders. Far, far, far away from family half way around the world. One huge pro on the big plus/minus scorecard of life is that moving a bunch affords you an amazing swath of humans that you can call friend. I feel much gratitude to say that I have friends the world over. From all over the world. Living in many parts of the world. I was playing a little Kevin Bacon game in my head to see how many places around this big old spinning rock in space that I could connect via one degree or two of separation and this is what I came up with. Here goes:

I know Americans in ‘merica – obviously. Miss a ton of them like crazy cakes. (Don’t ask me to define that. It’s a lot. Trust me.) But I also know Americans here in Denmark. I know Americans living in England, in Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and in France right now. I know Brits, Canadians and Australians living in America. I know Danes living in America and Sweden. I know Hondurans and Italians who used to live in America and Greece and Portugal. I know Brits who live in Kazakhstan. Who have lived in Indonesia, Kenya, Vietnam, Syria, Azerbaijan and Dubai. Scots who have lived Qatar. Indians who have lived in Germany. Americans who have lived in China, Singapore, Japan, Guatemala, Australia, France, Russia, Mexico, Ecuador, Norway and Chile. I now have friends who are Slovenian, Irish, French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Scottish, Danish, Swedish, German, Finnish, Swiss, Chilean, Belgian, Dutch, English, Australian, Canadian, Bulgarian, South African, Egyptian, Turkish, Australian, Kiwi, Argentinian, Brazilian and Israeli just here in Denmark alone. Forgive me if I forgot yours!

I am in no way trying to brag. That is very un-Danish. I’m trying hard to assimilate. But I do feel grateful. And Danes can definitely get behind that. They say thank you for everything. I appreciate that. I guess that is what I’m trying to say. I do appreciate the perspective and life experience and history that each one of these people share with me and my family. In person AND on social media. Life is cool. Sharing it is cool. Isn’t that what we all really doing here? Sharing this life. Right now. Right here. Wherever your here is?

ROLL CALL! Where are you reading from? Where have you lived and where do you wanna go?!? I wanna know. Share it with me! Leave a comment below! Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin

* That’s a word.


15 thoughts on “Roll call!

  1. Martha McMilln

    I guess I have never lived anywhere but the United States…but have been in most areas…born in the south, raised in the midwest, moved to the west where two of my children were born, back to the south and finally settled in Oregon..loved it all. Always wanted to explore another country and the timing was never right….Ooops, forgot, I lived in France for three months, that counts:) Wouldn’t trade any of it. But, I guess you knew all that because I am your mom:)

  2. Francee Hillyer

    I have so enjoyed living vicariously with you in Denmark! Your writing is wonderful, I feel like I am with you on your journey. Thank you for “oregon girl around the world”.

  3. I was born in South Africa, and lived there for the first 45 years of my life. I now live in Denmark, and we have been here for 26 years.
    As you may have guessed, I am reading this in Denmark. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, as we have all our children and grandchildren here.
    It was great meeting you on the S train some months ago, and now following your Blog.

    1. Oh Hi Heather!! Thanks for reading IN DENMARK and for reminding me of our happy chance train meeting! This is exactly one of the cases for why I love blogging and social media! Enjoy the sunshine and springtime! Cheers, Erin

  4. Christel

    I’ve moved 10 times in the last 10 years, and I hope to be in this little Copenhagen house for at least the next 10!
    I’ve traveled to 24 countries so far, and I adore how connecting with other cultures enriches your life. Facebook has been a big part of that, strengthening connections across continents, finding commonality in seemingly disparate groups.
    I’m loving this global village thing ☺️
    (also love “comparasitis”! ?)

  5. Reading from Chicago but currently living half here and half in Washington, DC. Have lived in 6 U.S. states and Spain. Have traveled to about 50 countries (but not Denmark!) on 6 continents and want to go … everywhere! But Mongolia tops my wish list right now!

    1. Nice! Thanks for playing!! Love Chicago (and DC) what a cool town. Just curious – what other states? My current tally is KS, CA, WA, SC, OR, (WA), MI, OH, (MI), PA, TX, (OR.) But 50 countries – impressive! Denmark isn’t quite Mongolia, but it IS definitely worthy of exploring! Cheers from Copenhagen!

      1. I did land in Copenhagen once – I’d love to visit for real some day! I’ve lived in PA, NC, TX, OH, IL and DC. (I could add NY and GA and even Greece if we count just summers!)

  6. American reading from England. I don’t know how people did the expat thing before social media, it’s so much fun to connect and hear other people’s stories and backgrounds.

  7. Born in Utah, USA then moved at 19 to Seattle, USA. The past 11 years I’ve been in Zhuhai, China; Cambridge, UK; Hong Kong; Utrecht, Netherlands and now happily back in Hong Kong which I consider my home away from home!

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