Tivoli Gardens Lights up Winter in Copenhagen

Winter is Wonderful at Tivoli Amusement Park 

Tivoli’s illuminating displays for Copenhagen Light Festival

Once the twinkly lights of Christmas in Copenhagen are packed away and the blast that is New Year’s Eve is over, winter can be dreary and dark in Denmark. And while I won’t say don’t visit the capital come January – as there is always hygge to be had – February just has a wee bit more to offer. Especially when the Danish classic – Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park opens their gates and lights up the nights. Come to Copenhagen, she said.

Winter is the newest season at Tivoli

2019 is just the second time Tivoli has been opened for winter. Historically, once Christmas is complete, the park pauses until April when the spring/summer season starts up again in a burst of flowering bulbs. But last year, to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the second oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli added a fourth season of festivities. Enter winter. Exit night. You think I jest. But we gain a little bit more daylight every day in February and if you live here, you know. Every minute helps. While we wait, Tivoli can too.

Sparkling little white lights over the ice skating rink at Nimb

For tourism in Denmark to keep growing as it has in recent years, we need to develop off-peak periods and invent new activities. Winter in Tivoli does exactly that and will no doubt benefit and inspire hotels, retail outlets and restaurants in the Copenhagen area.”

– Jan Olsen, CEO Visit Denmark

What’s different during Winter Season at Tivoli?

What makes a visit here seasonal this season? Snowmen. Or women. Snowpeople perhaps. All over the park. You don’t see that in summer or at Halloween or even during Christmas at Tivoli. Snowpeeps are perfect for welcoming you to winter in the park. And they are not little. They are large and in charge, some chunky yet funky. Seriously, the one down by the Swing Carousels is a little bit funky. But most of them seem sweet, just like a Tivoli treat. (Try Cakenhagen if you need one.)

And then there’s the snow. Don’t worry if there is a nary a flurry in the forecast. Tivoli has you covered. In fake snow, sprinkled or sprayed about. I have mixed feelings about it, I’ll admit. Is it that great for the environment? And while it can add to the magic and wonder of winter in this fairy tale place, during the day it looks a bit kitsch. As do the white “trees” with mirrors and baubles. But once the sun sets, the scene is serene and you’ll just soak it all in.

Tivoli Winter Snow Person
Tivoli Winter Season is part of the Copenhagen Light Festival

The Gardens have always illuminated the senses in any season. But especially come winter, it is a welcome delight. In conjunction with the second annual Copenhagen Light Festival, Tivoli’s light designers have added some beautiful displays on during this month. Come during the day when the crowds stay away, but stay for the night – at least some of it – when the park sparkles. Light installations and performances happen every 30 minutes in different spots around the park. Lasers, fog machines and music over the Tivoli Concert Hall gardens brings more than just twinkle lights.

I love the look of the rides when they are all lit up. Try the Sky Flyer to see the scene from the very top of the park. Lights on the seats can be seen from below if you aren’t brave enough to go. (I’ve done it once. Won’t do it again.) The Ballon Ferris Wheel is just about as high as I like to go. Other light installations include origami swans swirling on Tivoli Lake and a projected performance across the facade of the Nimb Hotel.

The Sky Flyer or Himmelskibet illuminated in winter

Winter brings new rides and attractions

Not all the regular rides are open, but seasonal attractions take their place. There are three carousels to please plus the classic swings that have been spinning since 1907. Not part of the popular summer season, the carousel swings only spin during Halloween, Christmas and now Winter season. Add in some cozy spinning cups and a winter train for your tots.

In the middle of the lawn near the Tivoli Mainstage is a giant white igloo that houses an ice castle (ish) play area and place to sit while the tots take a turn sledding and sliding and shooting snowballs. (Foam balls, don’t worry.)


NOTE: The following rides are not open during Winter Season
Aquila (Eagle), The Astronomer, The Little Dragon, The Camel Caravan, Bumper Cars. Odin Express is being revamped and reinvented into a new Milky Way ride ready for Christmas 2019 season.

Ice skating under little sparkling lights

If you ask me, and because you’re here I’ll assume that you did, the very most amazing thing about winter in Tivoli is strapping on skates and gliding on the ice rink under a canopy of twinkly lights. Historic Hotel Nimb is always adorable highlighted in white lights, but come winter the garden out front is transformed into a dreamy rink. My skills on skates may not be as fairy tale as I felt.

SKATE RENTAL | 30 kr. per pair, no time limit, helmets included.
Borrow a skate assist seal for a 20 kr. deposit


Skating rink at Tivoli winter season


Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park

Winter Season | 1 February – 24 February 2019
Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V
Open Daily at 11, closing hours vary, check the website

Ages 8+ | 120 kr.
Children ages 3-7 | 50 kr.
Under 3 | free

Unlimited ride bracelet | 195 kr.
Single ride tickets | 30 kr./ticket (rides vary between 1-3 tickets)

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14 thoughts on “Tivoli Gardens Lights up Winter in Copenhagen

  1. You’ve done gone and done it! You’ve officially convinced me that next February for my birthday we should go to Copenhagen!! I love that they have started opening for winter and added all those sparkly lights! Someone should get a raise for such a brilliant idea! #FarawayFiles

  2. Oh Tivoli Gardens! We’ve been August last year as a treat for a certain freshly turned 5 years old and he loved it! I certainly loved the exquisite restaurants and pretty streets, we are coming back in 4 pretty soon! Lovely post as always! Greetings from London! #farawayfiles

  3. I totally see your point about the fake snow possibly not being great for the environment… I have no idea either. But putting my tourist hat on, I think I’d love a bit of fake snow if I was visiting the Tivoli in Winter, maybe I’m just in love with the kitsch. The snowmen/women/people are a nice touch as well! #FarawayFiles

  4. Your second photo of the ice skating rink with all the tiny lights made me actually gasp. Wow! The colored lights of the Tivoli gardens are beautiful, too. You must not miss the holiday lights at all with all these lovely lights carrying on!

  5. Tivoli Gardens in the winter sounds like fun. I like all the lights and the festive atmosphere they create. i share your concern that the artificial snow might not be that good for the environment.

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Stay tuned – I’m doing a little digging – apparently there is biodegradable faux snow – I’ll find out what they’ve used here and let you know!

  6. So so pretty! I adore twinkle lights and obviously Tivoli knows what they’re doing where they are concerned! Such a fun way to celebrate winter! #FarawayFiles

  7. Looks like a fun day out. We missed Tivoli Gardens when we were in Copenhagen, I think we’ll need to go back. Glad that started opening in winter, looks like it was a bit of a missed opportunity before.

  8. Never been to Copenhagen, I’m planning to go on a trip to Northern Europe. From the looks of it, seems there’s a lot to see in this winter light festival, definitely this will go down in my itinerary. Thanks for sharing!

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