Heart Song of San Juan Island, Washington

When Your Heart Sings for  Specific Space
Let’s Go to the San Juan Islands in Washington State

When speaking of spaces that stick with us, there is always an indescribable something special that makes our hearts sing. LAAAAAA. One of those places for me is the San Juan Islands in Washington State. An archipelago of islands sitting about as far west as you can get. But archipelago, while a beautiful word and super fun to say, doesn’t do this string of beautiful green treed bastions justice. There is something magical about this place.

Wait, wait you say. Still don’t know where I’m talking about it? Can’t place it? I hate when people talk about somewhere like everyone knows it. Ok. Let me help. Hand gestures over the interwebs can be tricky. Come with me. Picture the map of the United States – now look at the upper left corner in your brain, no need to Google it. Keep going. Over there. Up there. Yes. Do you feel me pointing? It’s almost Canada eh? Here. These are the San Juan Islands. I want to take you there. In fact, I would take everyone there. If I could. Let me try.

By Pfly – Own work https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15730665

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