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THIRTY-one weeks of Sharing travel stories around the world

Welcome back travel peeps. Where in the world are you? What are you up to this week? I was lucky enough to spend some time with Faraway Files co-host Katy from Untold Morsels at the end of her Scandinavian super tour. Super fun to share some of the magic of summer in Copenhagen in person!

9/11 MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM | Exploring Our World

Thank you to everyone who contributed last week, sharing your posts with the Faraway Files Travel Community. If missed any, don’t worry – you can still catch them here.

I especially loved this image by Sharon from Exploring our World. Part of the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, Sharon’s post brought up a lot of emotions for me, particularly this beautiful mosaic and quote. Thank you for sharing Sharon.

I can’t make sense when tragedy strikes. My heart aches for families who have lost loved ones in senseless acts in the past and now. Most recently in Manchester and then this weekend in my hometown Portland, Oregon, where three men from three different backgrounds stood up to terrorism on their regular train commute home. Heroes Rick Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche were killed protecting two teenage girls from a white supremacist. A third hero Micah Fletcher was in serious condition, but survived the attack. The victim Namkai-Meche’s last words to the good samaritans who stayed with him were, “Tell them, I want everybody to know, I want everybody on the train to know, I love them.”

Heavy sigh. Thank you, brave responders. And stander-uppers. And protectors. And believers. That humans are more good than bad. That we are better together. No day shall erase you from the memory of time. I’m sticking with love.

The following favorites are a little lighter and full of color, because life is about balance. No matter how far away.


Let’s give a warm Faraway Files Community Welcome to Shobha from Just Go Places. If you missed her post about Catalan master Antonio Gaudi’s crypts outside of Barcelona – go say hej and check it out. I did not know about these beautiful unfinished sites where Gaudi was able to test the ideas he would later implement at the famous Sagrada Familia. How beautiful and imaginative and hopeful are these butterfly stained glass windows!


My favorite part of Faraway Files is finding new gems and learning of far-flung places. Raincity Librarian Jane showed us Fantastic Fukuoka, Japan. She had me at the coffee shops and craft-brew popular here. Must be the Pacific Northwesterner in me! They sound fantastisk. Yes please.

FANTASTIC FUKUOKA | JAPAN | Raincity Librarian

Continuing with colorful Japan, I loved this post about Kyoto with Kids shared by Jenny at The Little Explorer. Full of joy and adventure, I can almost hear the laughter!

KYOTO WITH KIDS | The Little Adventurer


Faraway Files Co-host Clare from Suitcases and Sandcastles is off exploring the island Crete with her family this week. Sending her warm wishes for sun washed swaths of sand, colorful fishing villages and plenty of sandcastles to fill future posts. I’ll share a shoutout for Clare’s favorites from last week. She loved:

A Bavarian Sojourn | A DAY AT CHATSWORTH

This week, I’m soaring back to Seahouses in Northumberland, UK. Take a tour around the Farne Islands which are full of nesting seabirds this time of year.


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Untold Morsels
How manage a metropolis like Madrid | Ways to Make it Yours via Oregon Girl Around the World

Make Madrid Yours


When my family first met Madrid – the capital of Spain – we were overwhelmed. Sometimes you just don’t click on the first date. Yes, Madrid was nice enough. Attractive enough. But the chemistry just wasn’t there. Do you know what I mean? It definitely wasn’t the worst date ever and we have fond memories of foods tasted and experiences shared, but we were definitely not interested in a repeat. No second dates required. Thanks, but no gracias.

So when my husband had an opportunity to travel back to Madrid for work, at first I didn’t get very excited. Too many other places to see.  But maybe it wasn’t about Madrid. Maybe it was about me. Maybe Madrid needed a second look. A second date of sorts. I am SO GLAD I said yes. Two years later. This September.

But how to make it mine this time. How to avoid a bad first date syndrome again. Madrid is big. You have to be ready for it. I want you to make Madrid yours. It is so worth trying.

So how do you make a huge city like Madrid feel less intimidating? More like yours? I will be happy to show you how I made Madrid mine. More intimate. More accessible. More approachable.



If you read along with our travels at Oregon Girl you know that I am a big fan of apartment rentals when it comes to travel. We have five in our family and hotels rarely fit us. But even when I’m not traveling with all my not-so-littles in tow, I look to apartments to create a home base in a new town. I appreciate being able to get some essentials to keep in the fridge, have a little more space to stretch out and make some coffee in the morning. I found an amazing apartment via Airbnb that gave us access to popular Plaza Mayor. Literally overlooking this central square on the city. Somehow being part of the action, but in my own space made it mine. I could enjoy the view from my balcony, but not feel the pull and sway of the crowds and masses. It was perfection.


Madrid | Spain Tips to make this Metropolis yours from Oregon Girl Around the World
Staying on one of Madrid’s main squares makes it more personal

Plaza Mayor


When first in a city, it nice to know what the local landscape offers in edible options. A market – or mercado in Spanish – is a perfect way to assess and sample. When in Madrid – don’t miss the wonderful Mercado San Miguel. Tapas and tastes from the many vendors here is a great place to start your taste tour of Madrid. Grab a glass and pick a plate. Pointing and gesturing welcomed and allowed here.

Mercado San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Madrid | Spain Tips to make this Metropolis yours from Oregon Girl Around the World


What better way to immerse yourself in a place as major as Madrid than share your breakfast shoulder to shoulder with Madrileños. Make your way to La Mallorquina. Meet the pretty pink señora of pastries waiting for you at the corner of Puerta del Sol. Ogle the baked goods and peruse the wares from the windows. Then step inside. It is bustling and busy and charming in here. Somehow standing downstairs at the counter made me feel connected. Entrenched. Part of it. Something about La Mallorquina feels sacred and delicious. So different from the pushy buskers in the Puerta next door.

La Mallorquina
Calle Mayor 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain


Madrid is made for museum lovers. And if you love art – then you are in luck. But don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to the options. For true lovers of art – the grand Museo Nacional del Prado is king. But for many, its massive halls can make minds numb to masters. It may have my kids.

Are you a fan of Picasso? Then the Reina Sofia is for you. Just to wind through and see Guernica alone. It’s impressive in size. But so are the masses that march through to see it. May I recommend an alternative. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is an accessible tour through well known art history. With just one of each master, each room offers something for everyone.

Museo Thyssen Bornemisza
Paseo del Prado 8, 28014 Madrid, Spain


While Madrid may be walkable, knowing where you are headed helps this metropolis become manageable. Making an effort to move just a little way past the main tourist drags gives many options for menus that can prove memorable. We found delicious and authentic meals in tiny tapas tidbits as we moved from stop to stop. Here’s where I recommend for trying some tapas.

La Latina:
Truck your toes towards Calle Cava Baja and Calle de la Cava Alta. So many options up and down these quaint little streets. We tried a wine bar called Temperanillo with excellent and affordable wine by the glass and tasty simple tapas.

El Temperanillo
Calle Cava Baja 38, 28005 Madrid, Spain


Just through Retiro Park, up past the Puerta de Alcalá you will find another neighborhood street of tapas bars to treasure. All along Calle Dr. Castelo are tasty stops to tempt you. Try a cold Mahou with any of their house plates. Try one at each stop. Try your Spanish. Or not. There are few tourists here.

Taberna El Capricho
Calle Dr. Castelo 14, 28009 Madrid, Spain

Atlántico Casa de Petiscos
Av. de Menéndez Pelayo 11, 28009 Madrid, Spain


No time to meander so far from the center? Don’t worry – the Huertas neighborhood will be perfect for you. Cruise cozy Calle de la Huertas to Plaza Santa Ana. Here there are several tabernas to try. Find one that suits you and pick a spot on the square. I can highly recommend Zahara. Try the tuna tartare and the crispy shrimp cake.



Madrid is made for people watching. Roll through Retiro. Pick a bench or a café. Listen to live music. Watch the performers perform. Enjoy the parade. Drop a coin in the box. See what happens. Connect with the people. Make it yours.

How do you make a place feel manageable? Especially in a town as magical and major as Madrid? I’d love to hear.

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Oregon Girl Around the World
Madrid | Spain via Oregon Girl Around the World

Make Madrid Mine

Madrid didn’t do it for me. Not the first time. Millions and millions of Madrileños can’t be wrong. But it didn’t make my heart sing. Not at first.

Maybe we missed the magic of Madrid. The first time.

Let’s rewind. For a minute. Two years ago. Having moved my family around the world to Copenhagen, Denmark. We took a flight leaving Portland, OR to Vancouver, Canada on to Frankfurt, Germany then finally landing in Copenhagen. Capital of Denmark. That alone was exhausting. We picked up a tiny (at the time) rental car and dropped seven HUGE overstuffed overweight bags at my husband’s office. What a great first impression that was. And then, after only two days in damp, dark Denmark, we took our very first European family trip.

Why? Why did you do that? Well. We had a few weeks before my husband’s job contract was to start and the children had open spots in their new school. We had to move out of our house in Oregon because we’d already rented it to incoming Aussies. What better way to spend those gap weeks than traveling. Immediately. I know it sounds intense. (As it turns out – it was.) But this was part of the reason we took the job in Denmark to begin with. All those amazing travel opportunities.

We decided on Spain. For a week. We planned to split the week between Barcelona and Madrid. That Renfe express train between the two cities is amazeballs. You should try it. It was November. It was definitely not peak season to visit Spain. Perfect timing we decided. The weather was pleasant. Not too hot. Not too cold. Definitely warmer and brighter and lighter than the dark, near December we encountered upon landing in Denmark.

Fall in Retiro Park, Madrid SPAIN

This was Spain. This was my first visit to Spain. My husband’s first trip to Spain. My childrens’ first visit to Spain. This is why I chose it. Why we chose it. I wanted our first familial foray into European exploits to be a FIRST for us all. Perhaps in retrospect, a wee bit of familiarity might have been preferable. Make our transition easier. Maybe.

Madrid is amazing. But Madrid is a metropolis. The third largest capital in Europe behind London and Berlin. Madrid is HUGE. And crowded and bustling and busy and loud and large. We were overwhelmed. Overstimulated. Exhausted. And because of this, I will admit, we were underwhelmed with the Spanish capital. Lo ciento España. I’m sorry Madrid.

Madrid is a METROPOLIS. It is mega huge.

We had a perfectly situated Airbnb apartment near Puerta del Sol. The epicenter of Madrid. Of Spain, really. This is kilometer zero. All mileage in Spain is calculated from this point. There is where first impressions are made. Ours ? A wary sense of outsider-ness. I don’t know how to explain it any other way.

It was different from Barcelona’s colorful, whimsical, mosaic’d and mercado’d  beach vibe. Madrid hit us like a Flamenco dancer – fast and loud – clapping and stomping to a beat we couldn’t hear. We couldn’t understand.

Maybe it was the somewhat intimidating costumed characters strolling around the plaza at Puerta del Sol looking for a little pocket change in exchange for a photo op from passing tourists. Chubby spider men busting the seams of their suits; slightly tarnished Mickey and Minnie Mouses taking breaks with their “head” under their arms. But the most disturbing and definitely creepiest – was the red headed giant butcher knife wielding Chucky looming atop the fountain mid plaza. THIS is what my daughter, then 8, remembers most about Madrid. Did you see him? He was creepy.

I have to jog her memory (and mine) about the delicious chocolate con churros at world famous Chocolatería San Ginés. OH YEAH! Those were good! Can we get those again? Maybe. We’ll see. And how about that stroll through Retiro Park, listening to the live music at that outdoor cafe while boats paddled in the nearby lake? Oh yeah! That was good too. Is THAT where we had the milkshake? Yes. Yes it was.

And how about renting bikes and riding along the canals down to Casa de Campo (a gorgeous green space/park five times the size of New York’s Central Park?) Remember we found the ropes course and climbing structure? That was MADRID? Yes. Yes it was. OH. That was cool! A little stressful I will admit as parents letting our 8 year old ride an adult sized bike in a not as bike-friendly town as our new home Copenhagen, but she did it. In spite of the hills!

And how about that kilo of bacon we bought at the Museo del Jamon? HAHAHAHA! Group chuckle inducing memory jog. Having just moved to Europe and not yet used to metric weight system, I ordered one kilo of bacon. It seemed reasonable at the time. There are five us and three are growing children. As we watched him slice and slice and slice….and SLICE. And. SLICE. And keep slicing. We soon realized we’d made a critical error. OH. Kilos. Got it. (For those of you – who like me – didn’t get the conversion immediately – one kilo of bacon is exactly 2.2 pounds of bacon.) Yep. I cooked that bacon for an hour. Couldn’t take raw bacon home to Denmark you know. I will admit – although I couldn’t shake that animal fat smell for days – it was delicious.


So many fun memories when we sit and think about it. So why then the ho-hum response when we look back at Madrid on our list of places visited? Timing. Bad timing. Unfortunately I think our collective familial state of shock that we had actually packed up all our earthly goods, sold off half, put some on a ship and stored the rest in my mother’s attic and shlepped ourselves AROUND THE WORLD – before even establishing ourselves in our new home just MIGHT have had a little to do with it.

When my husband had an opportunity to travel back to Madrid for work, at first I wasn’t interested. Too many other places to see. Don’t need a repeat. But I am SO GLAD I did. Two years later. This September. I will be happy to show you how I made Madrid mine. More intimate. More accessible. More approachable.

How do you make a huge city feel less intimidating? More like yours? I’ve got ways. Now. I’ve had to learn. Ways we have made it work in the past two years. I’m happy to share. I’d like to hear yours. Madrid is mine part II to follow. Stay tuned. Memories help – a place looks better in retrospect sometimes. Look at all those things we did. We are grateful. That matters. It helps make a place like Madrid ours.

Cheers from Copenhagen, xoxo Erin


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Untold Morsels

Faraway Files #3

WOW! 36 submissions to Faraway Files last week! The participation and engagement is exactly what Clare, Katy and I were hoping to foster. We are so grateful. Last week, we were taken to unique off the beaten track sites in Tokyo and London. We virtually buried toes on beautiful beaches in Hawaii, Myanmar and New Jersey. We learned of ski trips and hiking excursions and where to find the best vistas and views. Want to learn more? Check out last week’s submissions here.

So many amazing places to spark inspiration, but these were my favourite posts shared last week. Whether it was the #swoonworthy imagery or interest-piquing insider information – these special blog posts offered me something unique.

Elizabeth at In Search Of gave me a serious bout of nostalgia sharing a very detailed look at one of our favorite East Coast seaside towns – Cape May, New Jersey. Colonial charm and a big swath of beautiful beach – check it out.

Cape May, New Jersey sunset from In Search Of Blog

Vlad from Eff it… I’m on Holiday showed us why we should all have the Andalusia region of Spain on our immediate travel wish list. Moved up a few spots for me with his beautiful images and entertaining writing. And I really want to see this!

Vlad at Eff it… I’m on Holiday shows us where you can live under a rock in Spain.

Phoebe from Lou Messugo showed me places I had never known I am dying to visit! See more of the amazing charm and beautiful scenery around Nice’s hill villages dotting Southern France.

Peillon, France from Lou Messugo’s Hill Villages around Nice
Funky seating at Camden Market, London via My Life Long Holiday

And Alex at My Life Long Holiday made my virtual taste buds tingle with an excellent round up of culinary treasures around London. Check out her London – The Best Food Guide.

This week the link up is right here on Oregon Girl Around the World. Scroll down for instructions to add your post and read others.

I can’t wait to see where you’ll take me this week. I’m sharing about a perfect fall break option in Northern Germany – the charming island of Rügen. I will quietly admit here that this year’s fall break will be a little further afield as we are heading to Croatia! We can’t wait. Please share any insider tips for a visit to Split, Korcula or Dubrovnik – I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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Onsdag Wanderlust – Volume I – Barcelona!

Onsdag means Wednesday in Danish. It might be embarrassing to admit, but I love etymology and quickly discovered that Onsdag comes from the old Norse word for Oden’s Day. As it turns out, our English version – Wednesday – stems from the proto-Germanic word for Woden’s Day (who is Woden you ask? None other than Oden/Odin/Woden. Same bearded mystical wise warrior that he was – apparently carved a wide swath of influence and believers.) Oh you don’t know this guy. You didn’t see Thor? Anthony Hopkins played Thor’s father – Oden? You were too busy ogling Chris Hemsworth as Thor? (Blogging out loud again, must watch myself!) Oh – ok then – brief synopsis – Oden was the chief god in Norse Mythology, revered and reveled by Scandinavian Vikings, and others, back in the day.

As I read more about Oden – I only want to read more about Oden. He was a great warrior, but also a great poet. He sought out wisdom at all costs – to the extent that he gave his eye for a sip from the well of knowledge. He shape shifts to win battles and travels great distances to achieve knowledge and power. He is a leader and a lone wolf at the same time. A conundrum. No wonder they call it Onsdag. Wednesday. It’s in the middle of the week. Have we gained enough knowledge by Wednesday to make it through til Fredag? Do we shape shift our way over the hump? Do we battle it out on Wednesday? Maybe all of the above.

For me Wednesday is a longing – we still have things to do on Wednesday. We have responsibilities. We don’t get a break yet. So from now on, Wednesday is furthermore dedicated to wanderlust. Let’s look outside, maybe even gain a little knowledge, plan travel, cement dreams. Thanks Oden – we could use the inspiration.

For my first installment of Onsdag Wanderlust, I will take you back to our first escapade in Europe – the lovely beauty by the sea… Barcelona. Having to move out of our house in Oregon, but not yet starting jobs or school in Denmark – we decided to take advantage of cheap European airfare and made our first trip to Spain. A cheap, efficient (albeit cozy) three hour flight on Norwegian Airline and off we are in Barcelona. If you have never been – I recommend you put it on your short list immediamato. (That’s a word.) It wasn’t beachy primetime in November – but the somewhat lack of crowds and still lovely weather made it a perfect choice. Here are my top 10 places to explore in Barcelona. My list is bent towards activities that would and did pique the interest of my family of 5 with tweens/teenagers, but offers something for everyone:


  1. La Mercado de la Boqueria – right off the main walking/shopping street Las Ramblas (#2) – the sights and sounds and delicious food at the Boqueria will please every generation. Grab a fresh pressed juice (EVERYONE SELLS THEM), a paper cone with chorizo, some fresh calamari, wander and take it all in. Wonder how one cooks all those parts of the animals purveyed. Or eats, for that matter. Or sit at one of the highly-coveted seats for real tapas, paid by the plate. Guaranteed to stun, delight and wow all.
    Mercado de la Boqueria
    Mercado de la Boqueria
    Marzipan sweets at La Boqueria

    La Boqueria

  1. Las Ramblas – huge strolling pedestrian boulevard that starts at the Plaça de Catalunya and will take you right down to the water. People watching, shopping, snacks – worth a stroll – we didn’t eat here – very touristy – better options for restaurants in El Barri Gotic (see #8). Lots of street hawkers all selling the same gadget – determine your “no, gracias” shake-off before heading out. We walked all the way to the water and then found the Rambla del Mar, a pedestirian walkway on the water that connects you to Port Vell – with restaurants and shopping and views of the boats passing through.
  1. Sagrada Familia – you can’t ignore the influence of architect Antoni Gaudì in Barcelona. This is his crowning glory and is still NOT finished, even after his death in 1926. You will never forget the light streaming from the stain-glassed windows pouring out onto the floor here. So much to look at. I recommend booking a tower tour (can be done in advance for specific time slots) to treat those adventurous kids who might not be as much into the art. We went up the Passion Tower and while I can not attest to which tower is better, the views from this side were amazing, even if you are afraid of heights (I was terrified, but it was so worth it!)
    Sagrada Familia
    Sagrada Familia
    Sagrada Familia - Passion Tower
    Sagrada Familia – Passion Tower
  1. Camp Nou – Home to this little football team known as F.C. Barcelona. Have you heard of them? If you can get tickets (even up in the nose-bleeds) I recommend it. Amazing. Especially being an American – who loves soccer (eek, I said it! Soccer! Ahem…who loves football … and American Football) but has never experienced firsthand the worldwide appreciation for this game. We heard 7 different languages in the three rows surrounding us alone. Everyone singing and cheering and feeling the low rumbly roar that grows into a chant that takes over the whole stadium… “mes-si, Mes-si, MES-SI! MES-SI! MESSI! MESSI!” It helped that Messi broke the Spanish Liga scoring record that night! So fun watching him and Neymar and Suarez and Iniesta. Visça barça! (They speak Catalunyan AND Spanish here in Barcelona.) Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
    F.C. Barcelona wins at Camp Nou!
    Messi breaks the Spanish Liga scoring record – standing ovation!
  1. La Barceloneta – beachy fun with a boardwalk and open-air restaurants. There are loungers on the beach for paying customers. Grab a drink or lunch and let the kids find a pick-up football game or just cartwheel and run around the sand. Perfection. There is a enormous climbing tower for the kids to play as well further down the boardwalk.Lunch stop on La Barceloneta
    La Barceloneta on the beach
    La Deliciosa on the beach at La Barceloneta
    Down the beach on La Barceloneta
  1. Funicular to Tibidabo – an amusement park built into a mountain with views of the entire city? Yes please! Getting there is half the fun. Tibidabo might not be the most up-to-date amusement park in the world and there are no enormous rollercoasters – but we did adore the Muntanya Russa. The view over the city coming down the first drop so cool! Recommend Tibidabo for the experience, great views – bring a picnic lunch – lots of spots to stop. Save money for churros to snack on while waiting for the bus to the funicular to head back down.
    Charming, albeit old-fashioned Tibidabo
    Vikings at Tibidabo
  1. Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor – right next door to Tibidabo – pay the fee to go to the top – the views are incredible!View from the church next to Tibidabo
  1. El Barri Gotic – the Gothic Barrio – old windy streets with lots of shops and restaurants and street performers and people watching.
  1. Parc Guell – another Gaudi masterpiece.
  1. Picasso Museum – great to see evolution of a master, target a free night so no guilt when leaving after your tween-agers’ eyes start to gloss over.

You may have your own favorites and don’t misses – please feel free to share. We didn’t see everything and would love to go back! Where is your wanderlust taking you this Onsdag?