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Faraway Files #23



This Monday was the spring equinox – did you know? It’s officially spring now. Whether the weather in your corner of the world believes it or not! With equal parts daylight and darkness, my world feels a bit more balanced.

I kicked off the spring with a trip to the Danish coast. It was perfect. Where do you do spring? Tell me. Show us! Let’s link up.


Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, we had a bevy of cool posts and in case you missed any, you can catch up here. These were my faves. Continue reading “Faraway Files #23”

Faraway Files Travel Blog Community

Faraway Files #6


Happy Thursday! In Denmark – they call it lille Fredag or little Friday. I’m ready for the weekend this week. It has been an interesting one being an American living abroad. And while the outcome of the U.S. election was not what I had hoped for, I am trying to remain positive and spread love. We are all part of #TeamHuman. And the world is watching. BIG TIME.

As a travel and culture writer, one of the things I have loved most about starting this blog is being exposed, enlightened and educated about how beautifully diverse yet similar we all are, the world over. What makes us different should not divide us. Sometimes what we don’t know or understand makes this difficult. But I am not going to spread fear. I believe in love. I’m trying hard. I will continue to try and build bridges. Between my world community. With my American community back in the States. I have lived and loved in red states AND blue states. And while I feel much pride about the results from my Oregon, I believe there is much work to be done. In many places. But that it can be done. It must be done. Let us build bridges. Together.

It may seem simple to think that a travel blog community could help. But stay with me here – I believe it can. Show us your corners. Your faraway places. Educate and inspire. Please continue to share and connect and illuminate. Bring us together, however far apart.

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