Weekly crab races at Thirsty Turtle (Bananarama Resort) – raising money to buy baby formula for newborns born of mothers infected with HIV/AIDS…”Familias Saludables is a nonprofit project that works with children and families on Roatan with HIV/AIDS. Our parent organization is based in Canada and we have been in Roatan for twelve years. Our primary focus is in reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child. This requires medication before the birth as well as good care of the infant after birth and to replace breast feeding (which can transmit the virus) with infant formula. Formula often costs more than a family’s income so we depend on donations of formula to fill the need. Last year the Bananarama crab races supplied almost one third of our baby formula, saving more than twenty babies lives! We are very proud of the success of this program and the mothers who have worked to save their babies as the first years we saw many, many deaths of infants from HIV. Now that is rare. Twelve years the rate of transmission in our program was 48%. It has now been zero for three years.” http://www.bananaramadive.com/serving-community/index.html

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