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Take your Tween to Paris

Paris is Always a Good Idea


Connecting with your tween daughter in Paris. The city of lights. I can confide. It was magical. Just she and I. Mom and dot.

“Wait. Back up. Travel with your tween? GAH! Are you crazy?” I hear you. I feel you. And maybe I am. Seriously. Maybe. But not about this. I am here to tell you – there is no better time than tweendom to travel with your child. Read more of my reasons why you should too in my last post.

And IF it is in the realm of your possibility to take said tween to Paris – you absolutely should. Everyone should experience Paris. Once. Or Twice. Or three times a lady. Seriously. I love this lady. Oh – and my daughter too! I love her too. But j’adore Paris. C’est vrai. It’s true. Having been to Paris more than once, I had specific things that I wanted to share on her inaugural visit. We had only two nights and three days to explore. And I do believe that is enough time for a showcase of the wonderful city. Especially for your first visite. A brief but brilliant tenth birthday visit. That was us. Go when it works for you. Continue reading “Take your Tween to Paris”

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Travel with your Tween

Ah tweens. You gotta love ‘em. In between the little girl you once thought you knew and the fast approaching teenager you fear she is becoming. Maturing at an exponential rate and desperate to be older, as her mother you feel like life is on fast forward and the button is stuck. Do you know what I mean? Do you have a tween? No? Want mine? Just kidding. I love her. Most days. Wink wink.

How about traveling with your tween? Does the thought cause your eyes to roll? Remind you of someone? Oh just mine? She’s got it down, that sassy annoyed eye roll. And the perfect stomp off. Know that one too? Sigh. Breathe. Wine. Just kidding. Breathe. In. And out. And maybe wine. Especially if it’s French wine.

I am here to tell you that there is no better time to travel with your child than smack in the middle of tweendom. Truly. One on one. Just you and them. Go ahead. You can do it. And you should. Here’s why. Continue reading “Travel with your Tween”