Faraway Files #4

You guys. Have you been to Croatia? You have? Then you know. Seriously. That place. It’s amazing. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Just kidding. I’ve been reading, following, tracking and stalking about a million feeds on travel in Croatia for a couple years. I will admit that when we decided as a family that YES, we were ok with moving to Denmark and trying this living abroad thing, we started doing a little collective wanderlust wish-listing. All of those places that would be easier to explore from our future base in Copenhagen.

My middle son and I did that a lot. When sitting down at night to tuck him in. (He’s a teenager now – we don’t “tuck in” per se anymore – but a goodnight check in – everything cool kind of gig now – that I still cherish.) But backtrack with me, while we were still in Oregon two years ago, waiting ad nauseum for employment contract negotiations to work themselves out. He and I would sit and scour through Google images of where we’d like to visit. What we’d like to see. How many things we’d love to do. We still do.


It was before we even moved to Europe that we knew Croatia had to be on our list. The short list. We had to go there. I just didn’t realize how much I WOULD LOVE IT. I know. I know. I say that about a TON of places. But I haven’t been this taken or mesmerized. Constantly awed and engaged by a single place. By a whole country. Croatia is freaking beautiful. Did you already know that? You’ve been there haven’t you. If you’ve been – you do. If you haven’t – look it up immediately. Everything you could want. I will have lots of posts to share soon to try to convince you to check it out if you haven’t already. And we didn’t even see the whole country – there is so much more to explore. I wanna go back! Like now.



But I’m not straying far from Copenhagen for awhile. Which isn’t so bad. Denmark is lovely in the fall. Wanderlust will have to turn to #FarawayFiles travel blog link up for the immediate future.

I want to thank everyone who joined last week’s Faraway Files #3 – we had a bunch of beautiful and truly inspiring posts. Keep ’em coming! You guys rock. Seriously there were some posts about rocks. Beautiful ones! Here are some of my favorites – for different reasons. It was difficult to whittle this week! So many good contributions!

Emma from Bavarian Sojourn took us to an Almabtrieb in the Italian Dolomites and I was charmed, intrigued and entertained. How colorful and charming are these cows? And her descriptions of the goats passing “…like a gaggle of arguing children on a school trip,” was perfection. Thanks Emma!

Come see an Almabtrieb – annual procession of animals the Dolomites, Predazzo, Italy from Bavarian Sojourn

Hilary from HilaryStyle played tourist in her own backyard, which is easy to do in her home Southern California. She took us to somewhere close to my family’s heart – Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California. As it turns out – my Mother-in-law was a docent at the art museum there and I have heard stories of the beautiful Japanese Gardens for YEARS. Thank you Hilary for putting it back on my wish list! Good family fun in a gorgeous setting.

The Desert Garden Heritage Walk at the Huntington Gardens, from HilaryStyle

From West Coast to East Coast – let’s visit city by the sea Portland, Maine with Corey of Fifi + Hop. The “other Portland” to this Oregon Girl – I loved seeing the similarities and differences between the two bi-coastal Portlands. “Families as much as hipsters enjoy visiting Portland,” … “whether you’re into the outdoors, the arts or excellent food, Portland has something for everyone.” Sound like Portlandia? In Oregon? Haha! I KNOW! But check out her post to see how the Maine Portland distinguishes itself in the most New England-y of ways.

Lighthouses help – Portland, Maine City by the Sea by Fifi + Hop

And last, but definitely not least is this stunning post about Skelling Michael – an island off the coast of Kerry, Ireland by Different Shores Blog. The images are the most swoon worthy this week (IMHO) and despite the somewhat terrifying looking paths that one must traverse, I just might try it! Just to see those views and those puffins! Check it out.

Different Shores takes us to Skelling Michael, Kerry Ireland

Special mention goes to #FarawayFiles newcomer A Nesting Nomad – her post about a train trip from Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA (that is a LONG WAY PEEPS) was not only charming and amusing, but informative – keep it up!

So where are you taking us this week? What will you add to the growing collection of #FarawayFiles? This week, I’m taking you back to Madrid. Spain. Come along for the ride – don’t have a post this week?  You can still engage with this growing travel community. Just read some of the linked posts to see where might pique your wanderlust this week… Here’s how to read along and link your own travel posts:



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The Most Charming Hill Town in Italy - Orvieto

The most charming hill town in Italy – Orvieto

And now…
May I present to you…
The most charming hill town in Italy…
AND the winner is?

ORVIETO! Seriously. The most charming. I know there are many hill towns in Italy and you may have your favorite. But this is mine. And maybe yours too? Ok. I’m happy to share. Continue reading “The most charming hill town in Italy – Orvieto”