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Take a Walking Tour of Street Art in Paris

See another side of Paris in the Street Art

From simple tagging to large-scale commissioned murals, street art has become a familiar fixture in our modern world. Learning a little more about the techniques, iconography and motivations of the artists themselves can help give you an understanding of the public art you come across in your own city and on travels abroad.

And if those travels find you in Paris, I can highly recommend taking one of the Underground Paris walking tours with Street Art Paris. Different tours are offered each focusing on art in specific parts of the city. Lasting about two hours – where you will be walking, talking, looking and discussing. And if you’ve been listening and engaging, you should come away a language for reading street art. A street art literacy per se. For Paris. And around the world. As it turns out, this language is fairly universal.

Post updated: May 2018

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