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When you move to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language, getting access to the local news can feel more than frustrating. It can leave you feeling clueless and isolated. What you took for granted, now is cause for great consternation and confusion. I do love the auto translate feature on my Google Chrome browser, but it can only go so far and mostly butchers the quirky Danish to English translations. And while I try to read some articles in Danish, most of the time I just need to understand what is going on. Stat. Know what I mean?

Thankfully in Copenhagen, there is an English language news source for expats and international readers. The Copenhagen Post is written in English, by English speakers and is available in a small weekly print edition as well as online. And now – it is available as a mobile application. The app is free and available to locals and visitors alike. It offers all of the Post’s online digital content at your fingertips and breaks out stories for current events, food/drink, local culture, history and general life in Denmark.

Easily digestible quick stories make you feel connected and in the know. Important to recently arrived newbies as well as all those long term expats who just can’t finish their Danish language modules. (Hvad? Wha? Who me? You can’t finish what you don’t even start. Insert eek face here.)

The app has a few tweaks that could make it even better, like a clickable landing page. I mean look at it – it’s as gorgeous as this city – but it won’t take you anywhere unfortunately and you have to wait the 5-7 seconds to let it fade to the home screen.


ruka sa mob (1)

Right now only latest posts are available and there is no searchable archive. You have to go online to do that. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to access articles about a specific site in the city – when you were out and about, standing in front of said site? I think so. My two kroner.

As it stands, I do think it is a helpful resource for international expats living in Copenhagen as well as English-language visitors to the Danish capital. It is available now on the Apple app store and Google Play.

APP 210x290mm-page-001

Cheers from Copenhagen – in English. – Erin

Just in case you were wondering, I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own. Duh.

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