6 Unique Ways to Experience Copenhagen Culture Only in the Summer

Summer in Scandinavia brings long (mostly) sunny days, celebrations, and many ways to soak up some culture. While you can find ways to witness great art, music, and architecture any time of the year here, summer brings it all outside. Let’s all go al fresco.

In Denmark, the summer season officially begins on the 1st of June and ends at the end of August. If you’re here within these three glorious months, these are some of the fun things you could potentially experience. Sharing a diverse list of all sorts of Danish culture come summer.

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Featured Boats dock at Reffen Copenhagen Street Food people eating outside

Summertime in Copenhagen – 10 Must Do’s

Tried and True Things to Do This Summer in Copenhagen


Come to Copenhagen, she said. And I’ll say it again. Considering a trip during summer? It’s a dreamy time to visit. Danish summer days are long, full of that late Nordic light we locals craved over winter. At midsummer’s peak – celebrated here on the 23rd of June with the annual Sankt Hans Aften festivities – the sun shines 17.5 hours over the city. 

Beginning the 1st of June, the summer season brings flowers blooming everywhere, the air lavish with lilacs and elderflowers. Trees lining streets are once more lush and verdant. Vining roses drape around doorways of those charming, colorful old houses all over town. The sun glints off the clean water and people are out everywhere soaking it up. Faces to the sun. When it’s out. Here are 10 ways to make the most out of Copenhagen in summer.

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You Can Leave Your Hat on — The Truth About Danish Graduation Culture and Traditions

Hats, trucks, parties, and drinking

It’s officially summer in Denmark and soon jubilant young adults dressed in white and donning sailor-like caps will be swarming parks, plazas, beaches, and streets across the country. For a long weekend at the end of June, truckloads of teens blasting loud music and blowing whistles will stumble between gardens and courtyards of their classmates’ houses. Especially around Copenhagen, the public is here for it. After all, it’s Danish graduation season. Here’s what all the cheering is about.

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Leaving a Life Lived Abroad | The Emotional Toll of Repatriation

What does it feel like to walk away from a life lived abroad? Simply put? A lot. Today marks 18 months since we boarded a plane back to the US. After seven years of living as a Scandinavian – Oregon is seeping back in, getting under my skin. I’m embracing the spaces, places, and people we missed. I won’t sugarcoat it, there have been overwhelming moments, days, and maybe whole months of deep grief. Someone remind me next winter that this time of year is just as difficult here as it was in Denmark. I don’t believe in ignoring those hard feelings and I let them wash in. Safe in my experience that those tides (eventually) roll back out.

I’ll admit, I thought I’d be further along by now. Still, I’m squarely in the middle of processing my move “home.” But Copenhagen was home too. For seven years. So from the beginning, the emotions are complicated and twisty. Let’s get into it. But first, let’s start with the definition of repatriation.

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Reasons Winter is the Season to Visit Sedona Arizona

Hightail it to the high desert and the Red Rock Scenic Byway


Don’t let the threat of colder weather stop you from visiting northern Arizona. Even in winter, the town of Sedona offers its own special magic. Milder temps midday are perfect for hiking and hitting the trails to swoon over vistas. The potential for a dusting of snow atop the iconic red rock formations adds a layer of pretty you’ll want to experience.

Despite January boasting an average of 4 days without sun, visiting crowds are decidedly lower this season. Come feel the energy at a local “vortex” or bounce off-road along canyons in a pink jeep tour. It’s the perfect spot for a long weekend winter break. Come see why.

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