Faraway Files #72

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It isn’t quite tulip time in Copenhagen, but spring is definitely developing. The sun has been shining and the city is waking up. It’s amazing how different it feels when there is a little warmth in the air. Don’t get excited, I said a little. Have you been traveling this spring? Where to? In your backyard? Around your hometown? Or maybe somewhere far away? If you’ve written about it, we’d love to read about it!

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Magical Mjelle Beach | Bodø Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle | #Gemstone #RedSand #Minerals | Oregon Girl Around the World

Magical Mjelle Beach | Day Hike from Bodø Norway

Red and White Sand Beaches Sparkle Above the Arctic Circle

Make your way to Mjelle come Midsummer

Just north of the Northern Norwegian town of Bodø sits a double crescent of magical sandy beaches known as Mjelle. Here you can make an easy hike through beautiful green tree-lined paths to crystal clear turquoise waters and broad swaths of gemstone flickered sand. Yes. You heard me. Gemstones. There is something magical about Mjelle and pictures just truly don’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it.

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Faraway Files #71

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Thank you to everyone who added their travel posts to the community link up last week. We had a huge selection of diverse and inspiring posts from around the world! This week I’m sharing a bit of fun from Denmark’s middle island Fyn. We had four days exploring the Garden Island and fell in love with the slow pace and fresh fish. I want to share an iconic Danish village we found called Faaborg. Cheers from Denmark!

Harbor of Faaborg Denmark on Fyn

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Iconic Danish Village on South Fyn | Faaborg Denmark | #Funen #SydFyn | Oregon Girl Around the World

Faaborg Denmark | An Iconic Danish Village on Fyn

Find Your Way to Fyn | The Garden Island of Denmark

Faaborg is the perfect little Danish Village in Southern Funen

First things first. I’m a realist. It’s true. But you may want to scratch Iggy Azalea from your mental playlist because I’m really not that fancy. Actually. I’m a lover. Of down to earth. And the outdoors. And nature. I know. I live in the city. But I crave green and small towns and simple and seek it out often. And recently found it again on Fyn. I love Fyn. It’s the middle sister of Denmark. I’ve spoken of her charms before. Fyn is the island west of where Copenhagen sits, full of rolling green fields plump with rye and wheat and new potatoes, rhubarb and strawberries. Those luscious Danish strawberries that when ripe are like red jewels of juicy goodness. And apples, don’t forget the apples come autumn that fall ripe from orchards across Fyn. This is where the goods are grown to make much of the delicious Danish cuisine. There is reason Fyn is known as the garden island of Denmark.

But more than just pastoral, Fyn is full of pretty little Danish villages that can charm your socks off. Faaborg, on the south side of the island, is a perfect example of an iconic Danish town. I’ve shared my favorites before, but Faaborg fits with this lot just fine. Conjure this. Half-timbered houses. Cobblestone streets. Scandinavian colored buildings with delightfully detailed doors. Tack on red-tiled roofs and fancy scrolled signage and you have the makings of a magical little village in Denmark. Fyn is the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen and in towns like Faaborg, you can picture the whole story happening here. Cue swans stage left. Oh hej swans! Continue reading “Faaborg Denmark | An Iconic Danish Village on Fyn”