Join in #MayontheMove2020

Are You an International Living a Life Abroad? 

We want you! Don’t worry, it’s not a fitness movement, but it is an Instagram challenge. I will be sharing no lockdown planks or run stats. We’re all doing what we can to cope and manage in our own ways during this world crisis. What “May on the Move 2020” is – is a way for internationals to engage, connect, and discuss what life has been like for you in your spaces around the world right now, even if we aren’t really moving or traveling at this time. Continue reading “Join in #MayontheMove2020”

Quarantine Kitchen | Orange Cardamom Easter Bunny Rolls

Wonder What Denmark Does at Home When on Lockdown?

While the rest of the world was hoarding toilet paper, here in Denmark the Danes load up on yeast. (And toilet paper.) It’s true. But yeast. That one was a surprise to me at first. But digging a bit deeper, and asking a few Danes, it turns out there is a precedent for all that yeast knabbing. Continue reading “Quarantine Kitchen | Orange Cardamom Easter Bunny Rolls”

When Extraordinary Situations Strike in a Life Lived Abroad

Don’t Underestimate the Emotional Quotient of Feeling Far Far Away

We live in Copenhagen. For the last five years. And last night, the Prime Minister of Denmark announced that the country would go on lockdown, in an effort to mitigate the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID19. Schools and universities and daycares would close. Public sector employees would be sent home (with pay.) Cultural institutions should shutter. People were recommended to work from home. Indoor gatherings of 100+ participants to be banned. This is serious stuff. Not since World War II has the little Scandinavian nation of Denmark recommended such a lockdown. Continue reading “When Extraordinary Situations Strike in a Life Lived Abroad”

Take a Road Trip Through the Wild West From Texas to the Oregon Trail

Fun for all ages in the Western United States

Explore parts of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon

Pack the car, get your road trip playlist tuned in and turned up. Time to jump in your rig – we’re riding through the wild west today. No cowboy boots or ten-gallon hats required. This rowdy route has a little something for everyone. There will be scenic vistas to swoon over and some seriously tasty vittles to try (that’s wild west talk for grub – or FOOD.) There’ll be pretty trails to hike, plus some ancient and American history to take in. What better place to start, than in west Texas. Read along. Get inspired. And don’t worry, there’s a map with all the road trip stops and sites to see at the end. Saddle up, we’re headed west. Continue reading “Take a Road Trip Through the Wild West From Texas to the Oregon Trail”

Discover the Hidden Gems of Lolland, Denmark

Enjoy a day out on Denmark’s southernmost island 

As the fourth largest island in Denmark, Lolland is a little bit country and not much rock and roll, but the rural landscape here offers a chance to slow down and explore idyllic nature, lovely coastlines, charming harbor towns, stone age history and some seriously grand estates. 

Continue reading “Discover the Hidden Gems of Lolland, Denmark”