Day Out in Denmark | Canoeing Outside Copenhagen

Spend a Day Paddling Through Serene Green Spaces

Plan ahead for a perfect day out paddling with your people. Rent a canoe to travel beneath the lush and green canopy that lines an old millstream near the suburb of Lyngby, just outside the Danish capital of Copenhagen. We spent two serene hours toodling along the Mølleå canal that links local lakes like the Furesø and Lyngby Sø. Sail along and get a sense of what you’ll see. Tips on how to secure your own vessel for your own delightful day out in Denmark.


There are several spots to secure a seaworthy vessel for your afternoon out. We didn’t book ahead and only had to wait 30 minutes for an available boat on a Saturday midday over a holiday weekend. But best to plan ahead and book online if your crew has their heart set about getting on the water. Our friends showed up the very next day and apparently every boat was already booked. There are two operators on this section of the millstream that you should seek out.

Frederiksdal Canoe & Kayak Center
Nybrovej 520, 2800 Lyngby | Denmark
+45 45 85 67 70

Available vessels:
Canoes | 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children
Rowboats | 4-5 people
Kayaks | singles, doubles
Fishing dingies | 6 people (only for Furesø lake)
SUPS | per person

Prices below are per vessel:
1 hour 150 dkk
3 hours 300 dkk
6 hours 400 dkk
Whole day* 500 dkk

2020 Season | 3 April – 27 September
Weekdays | 10.00 – 18.00
Weekends | 09:30 – 18.00

Nybro Boat & Canoe Rental
Nybrovej v/ ishuset 384, 2800 Lyngby | Denmark
+45 28 14 39 19

Available vessels | canoes (2-3 ppl), kayaks (single) and rowboats (up to 4 ppl)
Prices below are per boat:
1 hour 150 dkk
3 hours 300 dkk
6 hours 400 dkk
Whole day* 500 dkk

We rented from the Frederiksdal canoe group and were more than pleased. It’s a pretty little spot right on the Mølleå near the Furesø. We parked above the nearby cafe, Den Gamle Have – a classic Danish spot for refreshments before or after your paddle. I dare you to try the lakrids bombe, a scoop of black licorice ice cream on a black licorice cone, topped with soft serve covered in licorice sprinkles. When in Denmark I say. We skipped it this visit, but can recommend the falafel burger and pineapple slush ice with a swirl of softis.

Den Gamle Have Cafe

We picked up our canoe, plus paddles, life vests and a little wooden seat for those placed in the middle from the Furesø side of Frederiksdal boat rental. So we paddled towards that lake to begin our day out. On a sunny summer day in Denmark, you’ll soon see so many people enjoying the lakeshore from the public swimming beach known as Frederiksdal Fribad. With a lovely beachside barbeque cafe, put it on your list to linger here another day.

We didn’t paddle much of the Furesø, a beautiful blue lake, one of the deepest in this part of Denmark as the wind was a bit whippy that day. The Furesø is known for good fishing, so you could pack along your poles to cast in a line or two from the side of your boat.

Heading towards the Furesø

Frederiksdal Fribad swimming beach
Public swimming dock at Frederiksdal Fribad

Returning the five minutes back down the millstream towards the boat rental, you’ll have to get your boat under the bridge to continue on this section of the Mølleå, or millstream. Boats follow the normal traveling right of way (stay to the right in the direction you’re headed.) Pull your canoe up to the dock, step out and pull it up the ramp and over and down to the other side. Step back in and continue your paddle. See a little more of what I mean in the video below.


This section of the historic millstream cut between lakes of the region and was built to hit mills and help factories along the way. You can use it to get you from the Furesø to Lyngby Sø, as well as the Bagsværd Sø. ( = lake in Danish, so you know.) If you are feeling ever so adventurous and really plan ahead, you can follow the canal all the way out to the sea, known on this side of Denmark as the Øresund. Past Lyngby Sø, the Mølleå winds under freeways and through little local villages before depositing you and your canoe out to the ocean, in between Taarbæk and Skodsborg. If you’re so keen, plan on at least a two-day journey and plot a camping spot overnight. But for our day out, we found it just as idyllic to float and putter between Lyngby Sø and back.

The sunlight dapples the canopy of green trees overhead as baby ducks and coots scoot after their mamas near shore. The forest floor breathes lush and verdant, littered with tiny white wildflowers. The hint of late May lilac lingers, just as the hyldeblomst (elderflower) begin to fragrance the air. Once we reach the brilliant blue Lyngby lake, we watch dragonflies flit from lily pad to lily pad as we carefully paddle a path in between. Soon yellow lotus-like flowers, grown-up from the deep will be in full bloom.

Dragonflies dance between lily pads

We make a loop and return back down the canal to return our canoe. As we pull up to the take out spot, we watch as a great blue heron swoops over the dock and sets up shop atop the classic orange building above the bridge. We maneuver our vessel through the bridge the opposite way and return our canoe to end our day.  It was indeed a beautiful day out in Denmark. Cheers from here.

Take a two-minute tour of this part of Denmark via my YouTube channel. Click through to watch there and hit subscribe. I have many videos already posted and am working on more. So stay tuned. Cheers from here.


8 thoughts on “Day Out in Denmark | Canoeing Outside Copenhagen

  1. Jens

    Almost home turf for me. I’ve been there lots of times 🙂

    Going from the canal under Nybro into Bagsværd sø, there’s a rowing stadium at the west end of the lake with the rowing lanes starting at the east end of the lake. You pass the lanes almost immediately when entering the lake south of the bridge. The stadium has been used for world championships in the past, but mostly national events, I believe.
    There’s a project underway for new stadium facilities in preparation for the 2021 world championships, but due to red tape, it may not be completed by then.

    I’m glad you liked it. It’s a lovely area.

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Oh my husband would love to see that, he rowed crew at University. Thank you for the heads up. We didn’t hit Bagsværd Sø this outing, but definitely have more to explore out there including Sofienholm. Thanks for reading and your comment. Cheers, Erin

      1. Oh cool 🙂
        It’s the canoe and kayak sprint championships and it’s currently scheduled for September 2021. Keep an eye out for the dates, though, as the event has already been moved due to the olympics being postponed.

  2. Wow! This is idyllic! I love the sound of gliding through lily pads, watching dragon flies and the smell of edelflower wafting through the air! It’s exactly the type of scene I imagine when I tell my husband I want to go canoeing/kayaking!

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