Sculpture and Culture in Copenhagen at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket


Duck Indoors When the Danish Capital Turns Rainy OR Cold

Come to Copenhagen she said. But I heard it’s tremendously expensive you said. While the cost of living in the Danish capital can be at the top of the list – visiting doesn’t have to be. IF. You plan ahead and make the most of your time in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.

Many of Copenhagen’s major museums offer free days for you to delight in their collections. If in the capital on a Tuesday – make your way inside the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket right near the historic center.


A fixture of fine art, the Glyptoteket has been an oasis in the city since 1888. Founded by Carl Jacobsen, of the famous beer-brewing family Carlsberg, the historic building contains works that span history. You’ll find classisk sculpture from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians in the Antiquities sections.

In the Modern section, you will find painting and art from the 19th and 20th focused on Danish painters and special exhibitions. Currently at the Glyptoteket is an interesting exhibit on French painters that works backwards chronologically from mid-century modernists to pre-Impressionism. Instead of following how art evolves, the intention of the exhibit to see where it came from. You’ll recognize techniques and motifs from the modernist paintings in the works done 100 years earlier.


Even if you don’t care for ancient art, the Glyptoteket is worth a stop. Jacobsen wanted the building to be an oasis in the city. Somewhere that was accessible for its citizens to enjoy a serene setting where to witness art. As soon as you deposit your backpack and coat in the free lockers downstairs, and step across the threshold you enter the magic and beautiful space of the winter garden. Giant palm trees and flowering tropical flowers tower overhead up to the beautiful domed roof. Benches set around fountains with stunning white sculptures invite you to sit. Koi swim in the pond. It’s impossible not to be impressed. It doesn’t feel like Copenhagen. And yet, it does.


Everywhere else in Copenhagen, I’d remind you to look up not to miss the essential details that define this fair city. But at the Glyptoteket – look down. The tiled mosaic floors here are a delight in themselves. Elegant details that coordinate with the art they stage. Florals and patterns and pretty swirls. There were lotus flowers in the Egyptian room.


From the floors to the top, make sure to head up to the Roof Terrace for terrific views over the city. Right next door to Copenhagen’s iconic Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, you can watch as thrill seekers ride the rides and hear their shrieks and giggles. You can see the many spires and domes that dot the Danish skyline and certain evenings you can order a glass of Cava or a coffee and sit up here civilized.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday          11:00 – 18:00
Thursdays                                                          11:00 – 22:00


Adults    95 DKK
Child      FREE

Tuesdays = FREE FOR ALL

Note: If you have purchased the Copenhagen Card for your visit, the Glyptotoket will be FREE any day you want to visit.

A little more than free, but worth it for the view – take a break at the beautiful café set inside the Winter Garden. Coffee, cakes, sandwiches and salads for a small break or full lunch.

Sculpture & Culture in Copenhagen at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket Museum | See it for Free | Oregon Girl Around the World


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28 thoughts on “Sculpture and Culture in Copenhagen at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket

  1. Oh I love the look of the winter gardens and all those beautiful tiles! I definitely have a think with floors too. And yes with winter creeping in, so important to have so warm and beautiful places to visit. On my list when I make it to your city! #farawayfiles

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      I think people thought I was a bit odd taking pictures of my feet in each room! I ADORED the floors! And you should definitely come to Copenhagen!

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Legoland is a must! In Copenhagen – they’d love Tivoli and the winter gardens are across the street! Cheers from Denmark, Erin

    1. oregongirlaroundtheworld

      Yes! If travel plans can include free entrances – double bonus time! The Glyptoteket is truly special! Cheers!

  2. Love the Glyptotek, often just go for coffee or lunch with my yearly membership card. The coffee shop is gorgeous. Often say that the building, both the new part and the old, is possibly more impressive than the collections

  3. You’ve reminded me how much I want to visit Copenhagen! I like the idea of tracing art in reverse, it makes a lot of sense to do it in that direction. I might try that next time I’m at one of London’s galleries with my kids. #farawayfiles

  4. I adore the mosaic floors, I can never stop myself taking pictures of my feet on mosaic floors whenever I see one. The Glyptotek sounds like the ideal place or wandering and coffee drinking. #FarawayFiles

  5. I love when museums have free days and if I happen to be in town when it’s the free day! The Glyptotoket seems like a great place to spend a day or a few hours. I really want to see the winter garden. There’s a winter garden in my city which I love, but the one at the Glyptotoket is on a much grander scale!

  6. Ruth

    This museum seems to have a bit of everything. I am a fan of all things Egypt, so, it would be great to explore that collection. I like when museums have spaces that are different than the usual. Sometimes, a bit of change is needed before moving to another part of the complex. #FarawayFiles

  7. What a wonderful museum! The art, the gardens, the roof garden! How wonderful that Tuesdays are free, but I’d happily pay for the privilege of an afternoon here! #farawayfiles

  8. Scandinavia is one of those places that you just assume will be expensive, so it’s nice to know there are some free things and affordable things to do. Copenhagen is def on my list of places to get to one of these days (been to Stockholm and Helsinki in that region), and will keep this in mind for the future…especially for coffee and cake in the Winter Garden. 😉 #farawayfiles

  9. Wow – the courtyards are amazing. Your photos are beautiful. I’ll keep in mind to remember to look down if I ever find myself there…the mosaic work is absolutely incredible! #farawayfiles

  10. pigeonpairandme

    What a contrast, having this so close to Tivoli! Sounds as though it has to be experienced – and thanks for the tips about how to get in without a charge. #FarawayFiles

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