Best Little Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Put Some Danish Design & Art Under the Tree This Christmas

Keep the season sustainable when you support local makers 

Denmark, oh Denmark. You happy little hip country you. World leaders in design, fashion, bike-riding, sustainable city-planning, and annual happiness rankings, Denmark is stylish even come dark December. Get ready to fire up your calendar candle, it is definitely Jul time in the Danish capital. Grab a glass of gløgg and warm your inner aesthete at a Christmas market off (and maybe one on) the tourist trails. In Denmark, you can find all the design, gifts, and hygge you need at a Julemarked.


And just think, when you support local makers and independent entrepreneurs, you help create a more sustainable season that is better for the environment. Goods that don’t have to travel as far to find their place as your present, are a gift for us all. Now that is something to feel festive about!

Don’t live in Copenhagen? No better time for a weekend visit! But it’s cold and dark in Denmark come December I heard you say. Don’t you worry, we have plenty of hygge. For you. It’s not just for Danes anymore – haven’t you heard? (*wink, wink.) Put on the mittens, pull down your beanie, swaddle your scarf and come bundled up. But once you’re here many of these markets are inside! Take home a special and unique gift from the city that defines Danish design. Without further ado, may I present this year’s round-up of darling and Danish and sleek and stylish Christmas markets around Copenhagen.

A Sustainable Christmas Starts with Shopping Local

Late November 2022


Get your princess crown out, you can check out Christmas markets in a castle. Serenely set on beautiful grounds, the Bernstorff Slot in Gentofte will be hosting a Julemarked again with over 90 vendors and places to sit and eat some seasonal fare in this historic setting. Fancy decorations and floral arrangements up the atmosphere this time of year.

DATE | 18-20 November 2022
VENUE | Bernstorff Slot, Jægersborg Alle 93, 2820 Gentofte
TIME | Friday 14-19, Saturday and Sunday 10-16
ENTRY | Adults DKK 100, Children (4-12) DKK 30

Christmas decorations, handicrafts, Christmas trees, glass art, fashion, and more.

Photo credit: Bernstorff Slot


KADK is the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design, and Conservation. Students hold an annual Christmas market to showcase and sell their wares and latest projects. Cutting-edge creative work for Christmas. What could be a better gift?

DATE | Sunday, November 27, 2022
VENUE | KADK Campus Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 51, 1434 København K
TIME | 10-17
ENTRY | Gratis (Free)

Future architects and designers will host their own stands selling a broad range of untraditional gifts from lithographs, mobiles, and Christmas decorations to toys, scarves, and jewelry, and much more.

Markets Weekend December 2-4, 2022

I almost don’t want to share with you the deets about this most darling little Christmas market. Mostly because I want to put it in my pocket and keep it for my own self. It’s my very favorite. If you’ve been you know just how cozy and adorable it truly is. If you ask me, this is honestly Copenhagen’s coziest julemarked. And since you’re here reading, I’m assuming you did. Ask me that is.

Here you’ll find unique gifts from some of the most creative graphic designers, illustrators, and makers who share this little light-filled studio hiding in the back corner of Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s meatpacking district. Yes. Meatpacking. Roll your bike right on in behind Warpigs Brewpub and down to the end of Slaughterhouse Street and here you’ll find some of my favorites makers, Mai-Britt Amsler, Sabine Brandt and Lisa Grue plus paper artist Veronica Hodges, ceramics from Meyer+Lavigne, Pia Storm, organic creams from Louise Riisgaard, Hunværk jewelry and Michelle Carslund with toys and children’s books.

DATE | 2-4 December 2022
VENUE | Slagtehusgade 44, 1 tv, 1715 København V
TIME | Friday 15-20, Saturday 10-18, Sunday 10-16
ENTRY | Gratis (Free)

We have great offers on cards, jewelry, posters, porcelain, unique serigraphic prints, toys, gift tags, books, DIY kits, paper crafts, plant, linoleum prints, ceramics, and much more all perfect for gift giving. Grab a glass of gløgg or organic soda to enjoy with classic æbleskivers and home-baked cake perfect for a break in their cute little corner café.


Finders Keepers Christmas Design Market at Fabrikken

Want the latest in Scandinavian design and art? Finders Keepers always curates a highly desired group of makers and artists.

DATE | 2-4 December 2022
VENUE | Fabrikken, Sundholmsvej 46, 2300 Copenhagen
TIME | Friday 14-20, Saturday – Sunday 11-17 *see note from host below
ENTRY | DKK 50 or DKK 70 for the weekend, Children under 12 free.


Over 70 upcoming and more established designers in ceramics, furniture, interiors, art, clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Note from Event host:

The factory’s fire regulations mean that we can only have a certain number of guests at a time – a little less than we usually do – but the most important thing is of course your safety! We therefore hope that you will support our time window solution in relation to pre-sold tickets, which gives ‘First Access’, where you can then buy tickets at the door. See the time windows here:
14.00-16.00 Only access for First Access tickets purchased in advance.
16.00-20.00 All ticket types welcome. Tickets can be bought both in advance and at the door.
11.00-13.00 Only access for First Access tickets purchased in advance.
13.00-17.00 All ticket types welcome. Tickets can be bought both in advance and at the door.

Værk Julemarked at the Design Museum Danmark

Culture AND Christmas? Ja and tak. For the fourth year, the Danish Artisans and Designers Guild will be holding their Christmas market in the garden of the Designmuseum Denmark. Cozy tents set up outside will keep you warm while you wander through the booths of 70 professional craftsmen and designers offering unique goods and products.

DATE | 2-4 December and 9-11 December 2022
VENUE | Designmuseum Garden, Bredgade 68, 1260 Copenhagen
TIME | Fridays 10-17, Saturdays – Sundays 12-17
ENTRY | DKK 20 for the market only, but free with an entrance ticket to the museum.


Professional artisans and designers offering jewelry, textiles, clothing, home goods, furniture, art, pottery, and more. The Designmuseum’s Format Cafe will be open serving Christmas treats, coffee, and more from their regular (delicious) menu.

Photo credit : DKOD | Christoffer Askman
Photo Credit: DKOD | Christoffer Askman


Weekend of December 9-11, 2022

A collective of Scandinavian creatives who prioritize sustainable practices in the material use, production, and process of their art and design, Flid hosts their annual Christmas Market in Nørrebrohallen on Red Square.

DATE | 9-11 December 2022
VENUE | Flid, Nørrebrogade 208, 2200 Copenhagen N
TIME | Friday 15-20, Saturday and Sunday 11-17
ENTRY | 30 DKK, children under 12 free


Creative textile design, interior design, ceramics, illustration, jewelry design, handicrafts, collage, and photo art.


Free town Christiania offers its own take on Christmas with what they call the “oldest and most exotic” julemarked in Copenhagen. Handiwork, crafts, and food made by community members for sale all in a creative smoke-free atmosphere with live music. A little bit hippy, but always happy – there is lots to love in Christiania.

DATE | Friday 9 December – Tuesday 20 December 2022
VENUE | Christiania, Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1432 København
TIME | Open every day 12-20, last day 12-18
ENTRY | Gratis (Free)

Arts, crafts and locally made organic food with live music and a festive atmosphere.

Julebazar at Absalon

Copenhagen’s unique community house known as Absalon offers a place where locals and tourists alike can come together and enjoy meals, events, and of course the hygge of Christmas. Come to Vesterbro for a creative and communal Christmas.

DATE | Sunday 11 December 2022
VENUE | Absalon, Sønder Boulevard 73, 1720 Copenhagen V
TIME | 10-15
ENTRY | Gratis (Free)


Handmade gifts, Christmas decorations, crafts, and community.

The Lab + The Lab Kitchen Julemarked

Nab some unique and creative gifts at The Lab Christmas on the second Sunday of December. Lots of local artists and designers will be on hand, so you can look for one-of-a-kind ceramics, textile art, photography, graphic design, and more. The adjacent Lab Kitchen will offer warm drinks and good food. Occupy the littles with activities geared just for them. 

DATE | Sunday, December 11, 2022
VENUE | The Lab Kitchen, Vermundsgade 40A 1st floor, 2100 Copenhagen
TIME | 10-16
ENTRY | Gratis (Free.)


Local makers and designers offer a broad selection of gift ideas from jewelry, seasonal foodstuffs, home goods, pottery, graphic design, paper goods, ceramics, and more.

ØsterGro Julemarked

The community-supported rooftop farm known as Østergro in the Østerbro neighborhood has reason to celebrate this season. Finally free from the threat of closure, you can experience all the sustainable goodness for the foreseeable future. This year you’ll find a cozy Christmas market where you can buy locally grown foodstuffs and products. Pick out your own organic Christmas tree and taste the homemade æbleskivers up on the roof!

DATE | Saturday 10 December 2022
VENUE | Østergro, Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København Ø
TIME | 11-16
ENTRY | Gratis (Free)


Organic Christmas trees, locally produced seasonal foodstuffs, and cases of organic vegetables grown right here at the farm.

Photo credit: GRO


All season long…

So while it may not be small, Tivoli is definitely cozy and a Copenhagen classisk for Christmas. You have to go. For the gløgg and the flæskesteg sandwich alone! But did you know they have a wonderful collection of Christmas stalls selling all sorts of Danish delights? They do. They do. I’m here to tell you.

And I know I said, this was a sustainable Christmas post celebrating local and small. You can feel good knowing that Tivoli helps light up all those LED lights with wind energy and solar power. Returnable cups and eco-friendly cleaning products keep Tivoli turned towards sustainability.

DATE | Saturday, 19 November – 31 December 2022
VENUE | Tivoli Gardens, Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V
TIME | Sundays-Thursdays 11-22, Fridays-Saturdays 11-23, closed 24 December and open until 00.30 on New Year’s Eve
ENTRY | Adults (8 years old +) DKK 145, Children (3-7) DKK 65 (Does not include rides.)

A large variety of locally produced seasonal food and beverages, Danish design, handcrafted ornaments, prints/books/posters/candles by Lisa Grue, Christmas decor from Jette Frölich, fresh Spangberg flødebøller, and much more.

10 Things to Do in Copenhagen at Christmas | Oregon Girl Around the World
Tivoli gleams at Christmas time


Did I miss a creative market in Copenhagen that should be on the list? Let me know – I’d love to check it out!

Coming to Copenhagen this month? See the sights, but take home some unique gifts and treasures to commemorate your time here. As we say here in Denmark in this Christmas season, Glædelig Jul! To you and yours! Cheers from Denmark.

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  1. Esther

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    This is the kind of Christmas shopping I absolutely love – so many options and it all looks fabulous! What a great time of year to visit Copenhagen, we’ve been for New Years Eve but I’d love to go before Christmas it sounds so festive! #FarawayFiles

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    These Christmas markets look just amazing, Erin! Full of the sort of stylish designs I’d love to find as presents. The Lisa Grue products would be top of my wish list if I were in Copenhagen. #FarawayFiles

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  11. This is what we don’t get in our NZ Christmas – gorgeous markets like in Europe. We’re all too busy at the beach and tending BBQs instead! But all of these markets look absolutley delightful. I really loved my very brief stay in Copenhagen last month and am a little gutted I was just a fraction early for the season and missed out on the Christmas charm! #farawayfiles

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  13. I’m just starting to get into the Christmas mood. I have been swamped with work since I returned from my one-month travels in India that I didn’t realise that Christmas is only a few weeks away. It’s great to get in touch with your Christmas-related post because it’s about time that I start writing the shopping list! 🙂 #FarawayFiles

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