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Come to Copenhagen she said. You’ve heard it from me before. But maybe you need a little more inspiration. Or maybe you’re coming already. I can’t wait to see some of my Instagram friends from Oregon on a gade in Copenhagen soon! That’s Danish for street.

In an attempt to share some visual love of this fair city, may I present to you the following Instagrammers based here in Copenhagen. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it has been curated. By moi. These are some of my favorites. Each one offers a different peek at what life is like, here in the Danish capital.


Lasse Bruhn

Copenhagen street photographer who understands complimentary colors. A gorgeous gallery.

What an amazing evening ❄️

A post shared by Lasse Bruhn (@koebenhavnsk) on


CPH Vesterbro

Views from the west side of the city – well-executed street photography brings focus to this colorful Vesterbro neighborhood.

Jeg er arbejdsløs, så sig endelig til hvis du mangler en ny kollega ? Helst ikke gademusikant.

A post shared by Cph Vesterbro (@vesterbros_gader) on


Camila Buschle

You can see the architect at work in Camila’s moody but intimate gallery.


A post shared by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Camila Buschle (@kindofcamila) on


Kasper Jønck 

Kasper catches the often quirky corners of Copenhagen. I had a hard time picking a favorite image – but this one feels iconic to me.

When the whole crew is gathered✌?️

A post shared by Kasper Jønck (@kasperzz) on


Thomas Kjaer

Curated collection that oozes all things Nordic – you’ll wish you were Scandi in a second.


Simon Larsen

Copenhagen-based Art Director with brilliant vision. Love the city through his lens.

F***ing Good #copenhagen #københavn #alwaysgeotag #iphoneonly #vscocam #vsco #snapseed #mappthis

A post shared by Simon Larsen (@simonlarsen) on


Jimmi Michelsen

Beautifully composed corners of Copenhagen and Odense and elsewhere.

City lights. Copenhagen

A post shared by Jimmi Michelsen (@jimmimichelsen) on


Global Bicycle Explorer

This is a super fun concept account that plays on the fact that more than 50% of people in Copenhagen commute by bicycle. Ride along and see the view of the City from behind these handlebars.


François Debains

Urban Explorer Copenhagen offers a different take on the city – one that highlights the not so glossy and stylized bits. I find it a great balance and always interesting perspectives. Urban Explorer also offers tours and photo explorations around town, check their website for more information.



When assessed as a whole, Oliver’s feed is at once gritty AND serene. Intimate and evocative. I’m smitten. (With the photos, people. Let’s just be clear.)

Golden hour

A post shared by Oliver (@olivertcb) on

I hope browsing through some of these amazing Instagram accounts throws a little more fuel on your fire and you find your way to Copenhagen soon. Still craving more? Make sure to put the City’s official Tourism Agency account as well. Find them here:


Did I miss one of your Copenhagen Insta favorites? Please share! Also – come find me and say hej! Lots of love from Copenhagen and around the world! Cheers, Erin



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