Copenhagen has the Best New Year's Eve in the World

Copenhagen has the Best New Year’s Eve in the World

Danes Blow the Old Year Away With a Bang


Godt Nytår! That’s Danish for Happy New Year! And dang it, Danes celebrate the turning of the calendar like nowhere I’ve ever been. And I’ve seen New Year’s Eve in a few places around the planet. (Sydney you were pretty good too.) But here, in Denmark, it’s difficult to describe. It’s different and delightful and downright LOUD. These normally rule-following, structured and peaceful peeps throw a no-holds-barred kind of colorful chaotic cacophony to welcome the brand new baby new year. Continue reading “Copenhagen has the Best New Year’s Eve in the World”

10 Ways to Make the Most of Christmas in Copenhagen | From Christmas Markets to Lovely Lights and Warm Spiced Gløgg | from local blogger Oregon Girl Around the World

10 Ways to Make the Most of Christmas in Copenhagen

Jul Love Christmas in the Danish Capital

When living in Denmark. I say. Bring on Christmas.

It’s mid-November now. The clock has turned back and the dark descends earlier each evening. By Christmas, we’ll be down to a mere seven hours of daylight per day here in Denmark. No need to fret. Don’t be concerned. Bust out your candles. Turn on those twinkly lights. Let’s get our Jul on. It’s one of the things I adore most about living here in Denmark. And many Copenhagen Christmas activities kick off for real this weekend when Julemanden, Denmark’s version of Santa, switches on all the lights swung over the streets in the historic center city. Continue reading “10 Ways to Make the Most of Christmas in Copenhagen”

Day Out in Denmark | The Historic Hubertus Hunt in Klampenborg

A Danish Autumn Adventure Just North of Copenhagen

Gathered in the autumn colored forests north of Copenhagen every November, nearly 40,000 locals anxiously await the pounding sound of horses galloping and maneuvering obstacles with their riders in brilliant red suits. This is the Hubertus Hunt, or Hubertusjagt in Danish. Every year since 1900, with the exception of a few years during WWII, spectators have gathered in the gorgeous forest park known as Jægersborg Dyrehave on the first Sunday in November. Continue reading “Day Out in Denmark | The Historic Hubertus Hunt in Klampenborg”

Take an Oyster Tour in the Wadden Sea National Park, Denmark

A Delicious Day out in one of Denmark’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Slurp up some lessons ABOUT biodiversity ON the island of Rømø

When an invasive species provides an opportunity to teach visitors about marine ecosystems and is also tasty to eat, it’s a win-win. Set your sites towards the southwest coast of Jutland, Denmark and take an oyster safari in the Wadden Sea National Park. We spent a morning wading through mudflats with the Naturcenter Tønnisgård on the small island of Rømø recently to pluck fresh oysters straight from the sea. Even if shellfish isn’t your favorite dish, it’s an interesting and entertaining day out in Denmark. Continue reading “Take an Oyster Tour in the Wadden Sea National Park, Denmark”

Five Easy Day Trips Just Outside of Copenhagen

Take Some Time to Explore More of Denmark

You don’t have to go far beyond the Danish capital to see what else this country has on offer. See a different side of Denmark choosing one of these five easy day trips just outside Copenhagen. There is something here for all interests and inclinations. Time to take your pick. Continue reading “Five Easy Day Trips Just Outside of Copenhagen”