Best Little Christmas Markets in Copenhagen

Put Some Danish Design & Art Under the Tree This Christmas

Keep the season sustainable when you support local makers 

Denmark, oh Denmark. You happy little hip country you. World leaders in design, fashion, bike-riding, sustainable city-planning, and annual happiness rankings, Denmark is stylish even come dark December. Get ready to fire up your calendar candle, it is definitely Jul time in the Danish capital. Grab a glass of gløgg and warm your inner aesthete at a Christmas market off (and maybe one on) the tourist trails. In Denmark, you can find all the design, gifts, and hygge you need at a Julemarked.


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Another Alternative Christmas Playlist From Scandinavia

New Holiday Music to Tune-up Your Christmas Hygge.

Holiday songs from Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Turn on the twinkly lights, start up the stereo and pop on these tunes. This isn’t your Danish Mormor‘s Christmas music. It’s time for my 3rd annual Scandinavian holiday playlist chock full of new to you seasonal songs from artists all around Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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Sample Some Scandi Ear Candy for Your Holiday Hygge

A Scandinavian Alternative Christmas Playlist 

Holiday music from Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Tis the season! And Scandinavia does it well. From festivals of light to delicious dishes to belting out tunes as you dance around the Christmas tree. Jul is cool up here in the north. My holiday tradition is to seek out some new songs to brighten the season. I do love the Christmas classisks by crooners and old school carolers, but will admit I need a little change in music to spice up our seasonal soundtracks. Last year I shared a playlist to warm your cold Scandinavian winter, you can find it here.

This year, let’s throw a Christmas party for the ones we love. And whether that fête features just your family or a full bevy of festively flocked friends, this playlist is built for an evening of fun. The Scandinavian independent music scene is incredibly diverse and inviting. So tune in, turn it up and try some of these new songs for your Christmas season. Light the candles and tap your toes. It’s gonna get hyggeligt up in here. Did I miss a favorite? Check last year’s list, then let me know!

Oh tell me why is Christmas only once a year? We should spread it out a little here and there. We should do a sleigh ride, do a hayride, do it during Gay Pride in July. Oh tell me why!”
Crying Christmas Day Choir

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Savor Some Christmas Traditions From Sweden This Season

From Lussebullar to Lucia |  Celebrate an Authentic Swedish Christmas

Here in Scandinavia, every December 13th is known as St. Lucia’s Day. In Denmark, Lucia is celebrated with parades of lights through the canals by kayak, but it really is Scandi sister Sweden’s special day. But why is it important? And how do you celebrate it? Maybe we should ask a Swede? Yay! I already did! I’ve asked my Swedish friend Alexandra to share some of her family’s traditions from Sweden. We have been lucky enough to explore southern Sweden with Alex and her family when they lived across the Øresund from us. Alex now lives in Oregon with her husband and two girls, so she makes sure to keep the Swedish rituals and recipes alive for her girls when Sverige might seem so far away. Continue reading “Savor Some Christmas Traditions From Sweden This Season”

Denmark is Growing a Sustainable Christmas Season | Reasons to Choose an Organic Tree

So many reasons to keep the season sustainable.
In Denmark, the interest for organic Christmas trees is growing.

(Updated November 2020)

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches. Do you bring a real evergreen into your home to celebrate the season? Hailing from the state of Oregon, the largest producer of Christmas trees in the USA, I definitely do. There is something so spectacular about the scent of fresh fir all up in our festive faces that smells like Christmas spirit to me. Maybe it just clears the odor of teen spirit that normally dominates my domicile. But does that perfect fir tree you find need to be organic? Scratch and sniff on this folks. To keep the season sustainable, the answer is yes and please. I’m dreaming of a green Christmas.

What if this year your Christmas tree was not only lovely to look at bedecked in baubles and decorations and lights, but could also be good for the environment and the people who produced it too? That would be fantastisk you’d say. That’s Danish for fantastic. I’d say so too. Did you know that you can buy an organic, fair trade Christmas tree that can benefit people around the world? In Denmark, you can. That is fantastisk indeed. Continue reading “Denmark is Growing a Sustainable Christmas Season | Reasons to Choose an Organic Tree”