Sea Kayak At Sunset On The Ionian Sea | Puglia Italy

Take a three-hour tour with Santa Caterina Sea Kayak

The world looks different floating inches above the waves and aquamarine water. And when in this lovely corner of Italy, you should consider taking a kayaking tour. We adored Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot. But with August temperatures slightly steamier than where we lived in Scandinavia, being near the water – a plus. We booked a three-hour sunset tour with Santa Caterina Sea Kayak online and in advance. Never kayaked before? No worries, a quick technique, and safety lesson from our charming guide Marco Garbetta and our group eight was off, maneuvering the gently rocking waves up the coast.

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The Defiant History of the Adorable Dwarfs in Wrocław Poland

Quirky little bronze sculptures are memorials to a Polish anti-communist resistance past.

Stroll down the roads and alleys of Wrocław, Poland and it may feel like someone is watching you. At your feet, spying from shop ledges or clinging to lamp posts – funny little figures “hide” in the wide open. These are the dwarfs of Wrocław. Krasnale in Polish. Over 600 of the little dwarfs (or gnomes if you prefer) adorn the city’s landscape. Doing everyday jobs and activities, each while wearing funny little hats and requisite pointy shoes. Blink and you could miss ’em. But once you take notice, it’s hard not to spot the little bronze sculptures all over town.

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What not to ask a repat, but you will anyway

Have you lived around the world? Beyond your passport country? Have you repatriated? Have you moved back?

This list is for you.

This list is also for those of you who know someone moving back from living elsewhere in the world. You may not know these questions, but we do. We hear them OFTEN. And usually in a semi-specific order. You think I jest. But there is a fairly standard set of inquiries repats get when returning from their life lived abroad.

Note I did not say – return home. To have any measure of success when choosing to thrive in a place different from where you grew up, one must consider it “home” in each place they land. I said – move back. To return. To a place. Repatriate.

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Where to Find the Flowers, Spring in Copenhagen | Oregon Girl Around the World

Spring in Copenhagen | Where to Find the Flowers

Spring is Springing in the Danish Capital

Daffodils, tulips and cherry blossoms are Blooming again

(Originally posted 2018, updated March 2022)

Get your cameras ready. Spring in Copenhagen is truly beautiful. Especially on a sunny bluebird day like today. And if you live here, you’ve earned it. While winter may be dark and full of hygge, spring in Denmark is worth the wait. And it is definitely springing. Right now. Get outside and soak up some sun and see the blossoms and buds bursting open all over town. And while we get ready for the pretty in pink popularity of the coming pop of cherry trees, the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth are here and happy to help with your fix of flowerful color.

Here are my favorites places to while away the hours smelling all the flowers when here in Copenhagen.

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Danish Christmas Gløgg – Where to Get the Best and How to Make it at Home

Try a traditional seasonal sip from Scandinavia

(Originally posted December 2020, updated November 2021)

If you’ve been to a Christmas market in Europe, you may have tasted a glass – or special mug – of the warm spiced mulled wine served up at the lot of them. 2020 had its reasons for calling off Christmas markets last season, but so far, 2021 is open in Copenhagen for experiencing some of the best. And while I’m not opposed to grabbing a glass in a classic Julemarked, sometimes you want to sit down surrounded by a festive atmosphere. That’s what I’m sharing here. Not anywhere near Scandinavia? Don’t worry, you can still fashion a little festive flavor in your own home, wherever you are. Why not try the Danish version of mulled wine this year? In Denmark, we all call it gløgg. The Swedes know it as glögg. And it’s warm, slightly spiced, and oh so good. I’m a big fan.

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